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chiara deriu

on 5 May 2015

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Personal opinion

- students start school at quarter to nine instead of eight o' clock
-the students usually wear a uniform
-the students don't go to school on Saturdays
-the students do a lot of sport after school
-the students usually have lunch at school
-the students only have six weeks' holiday in the summer

English school system
Children start to school at 5 years old and they finish at 16 years old. They can decide to look for a job or to continue their studies. When they are 16 years old they can sit exams which seem to be "esame di stato" but they usually specialise on only 3 or 4 subjects. They're not looking forward to their AS and A2 level exams but they can choose their favourite subjects.
Italian school
- students start school at half past eight
- the student don't wear a uniform
- the student go to school on Saturdays
- students usually don't sport a lot, except for two hours a week
- the students usually do four or five hours a day
- the students have three month of holiday in summer
Italian school system
In Italy, students start the elementary school when they are 6 years old and they finish when they are 18 years old, before starting university,if they want. At school we study English, Maths, Science, Art, History, Latin, Geography, P.E, Religion(facoltative), Physics, Italian.




English school

Maura: I think English school is better because they do a lot of sport and they have a lot of interesting activities like cheerleader or drama and music. It's fantastic and some uniform is very cool!

I like English school because is most organized than the Italian one and because the students are more educated and polite. I really like the subjects they study.
I prefer the English school system because they don't go to school on Saturday and because then there are many more subjects.
We imagined the comparised between English school and Italian school like a football match: Italy vs UK. This is our project hope you like it.
Personal opinion
I think English school is better because students learn in more depth and I like England.And I like this because they don't go at school on Saturday.
I like some subjects that you make in Uk.
In Italy holidays last three months,from mid-June to mid-September.But we have a lot of holidays throughout the year.
In England the holiday last six weeks,from mid-July to mid-September.
Personal opinion of Giorgia

I prefer the English school system because is more organized and ordered and more benefits from training activities and offers more job opportunities, prepare more of the best laboratories.
Our ideal school
In our ideal school we would like to have lesson only four hours a day and, maybe, and three on Saturday. Students should have a personal school locker. We should have 3 or 4 hours of sport during the week, choosing between volleyball,tennis,football, swimming or horse racing. It would be better if we could choose our favourite subjects.
Maura says the introduction and talks about the English school system.
Roberta talks about the Italian system.
Ilaria talks about holiday.
Giorgia talks about the English features and the ideal school.
Chiara talks about the features of Italian School and the conclusion.

our dream
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