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The Other Family By: Himani Bannerji

No description

Wagma Fikrat

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of The Other Family By: Himani Bannerji

Foreign mother and daughter live in Canada
One day her daughter comes home with a drawn picture of a blond, white family
The mother is concerned because she is convinced of her daughter's desire to be like the little blond girl in the picture
Character Traits
The protagonist is the mother who displays three distinct traits:

The Key Symbol
The controlling world outside. The daughter is influenced by the world outside:
Through school, the little girl is convinced that the "right" race is the white, blond girl in the picture.
Main Conflict

Involving the mother and her fear of losing her daughter in a white dominated society
The mother fears that the world outside will have a negative impact on her daughter
Most importantly fears that her daughter will be filled with hatred and dislike towards her own mother and herself
The Other Family By: Himani Bannerji

Brief Summary
At school, the daughter completes the picture by painting a dark skinned and dark haired family beside the blond family calling it the "Other Family"
This story displays:
Racial differences
Accepting oneself in a white dominated society
The struggles that some foreign family's have to go through
The world outside and the influences it has on individuals
Person Versus Society:
World Outside
School Society
Dislike towards oneself
She quickly understands that the world outside possesses authority: in the form of school
Displays sensitivity by expressing fear, wary and caution toward her daughter's future
Blaming herself constantly for causing a separation between her daughter and her home country
Has been worried thinking about work and letters that had arrived from back home
She was lost in her thoughts, not aware of her surroundings but yet makes an effort to listen to her daughter and controls her emotions
The Negative Aspect
Individuals should learn to accept themselves, their race, and their background.
Individuals have to convince themselves that racism exists
They have to learn to accept themselves for who they are not what society wants them to accept
In a society where an individual feels excluded the doors of diversity are closed
It does not allow open-mindedness about other races if it is focused on one particular race
By reading this story it gives readers a different perspective of society and the influences it has on individuals
Why should people read this story?
Today, society's influences is targeted towards young people
It affects the way one dresses, looks, acts, and talks and therefore individuals end up rejecting themselves
I recommend reading this story because this story educates people about race and culture
Also it teaches individuals that the world outside can have negative influences
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