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History: Canada's Regions Collage

No description

seline yap

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of History: Canada's Regions Collage

Yukon... Northern Canada... By. Seline Yap East Coast... New Brunswick... More than 80 percent of Yukon is still wild, with majestic mountains, glaciers, rivers and exciting wildlife, including caribou, mountain sheep, grizzly bears and birds. Northwest Territories... Nunavut... British Columbia... Mountains and the West... PEI... Canada's Regions. Lodge pole pine Adopted on June 1, 1968, the flag of Alberta contains the Shield centered on an azure-blue background. The shield is topped by St. George's Cross on a white background, representing King George III and symbolizing British heritage. An azure-blue sky highlights the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, shadowing the green foothills, the prairies and the wheat fields.
Blue, along with Gold, are official colours of Alberta. wild rose Big horn sheep Trans Canada highway Provincial bird Great horned owl Dinosaur provincial park The population of 3,645,257 in the 2011 concensus Alberta... Ammolite Alberta's provincial building The Great Grey Howl Prairie Crocus White Spruce Manitoba... The provincial bird of Saskatchewan is the Sharp-tailed Grouse. It was chosen because it lives in Saskatchewan all year (it doesn't fly south for the winter) and it is very popular with hunters. In 1941, the western red lily was chosen as the official flower of Saskatchewan. This lily grows in moist meadows and semi-wooded areas. Provincial Tree White Birch Saskatchewan... The Prairies... Trillium Manitoba... Central Canada... Loon Amethyst CN Tower Ontario provincial building CNE Rogers Center Ontario... Quebec... Manitoba's legislative building Ice hotel ice castle Blue Flag Iris Snowy Owl Quebec... Notre Dame Central Canada... pink lady's slipper blue jay purple violet Black Capped Chickadee May Flower Leather Back Turtle Nova Scotia... Pitcher Plant Puffin Newfoundland & Labrador...
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