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No description

ibnu irfan

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Facebook

Facebook encourages communication through the ability to create sub-groups, comment and respond to status updates

Certificate of Authencity for websites Rebuttal Helps businesses to reach out to their customers, improve their business through feedback and increases customer base Social Networking sites such as Facebook can combat loneliness and ease of communication Facebook is good for our
psychological well-being and
physical health Rebuttal

Less Face to Face time

Increased in percentage of people who seldom talk at home (Centre of the Digital Future) Counter Argument

Facebook offer the ability to create sub-groups for people with similar interests.

People also can “comment” and respond to “status updates” Argument
Warnings set off if a user sends out hundreds of friend requests at a time.

Warning sent out if user posts a link to site known to contain a virus Rebuttal Fakery issues on Facebook.

Identity thefts are common as false profiles are easy to create. Counter Argument
Companies can notify customers about their products, announcements.

Companies can socialise, network with industry peersand research on industry trends or updates. Argument

Companies can advertise to specific markets

Companies can discover, monitor and engage with loyal brand advocates. Argument Media Development Authority (MDA) governs internet in Singapore Rebuttal
Creates feeling of participation and belonging

Ability to form friendship with people of different nationalities and to maintain connection with family and friends Argument Rebuttal

Blow to user’s self-esteem as he compare himself against others Counter-Argument Argument Daphne Tan: DIB
Mak Weng Wai: DIB
Ibnu Irfan: DASE Mark Zuckerberg
CEO of Facebook Eduardo Luiz Saverin
Co-founder Is 'Facebook' a positive tool of communication? Controversy REASONS Mental Physical Combat
Loneliness Communication Business Encourage communication Researcher,
Moira bruke,
Human Computer
Institute "People who are engaged with facebook
they feel better." Sense of belonging Positive Psycological impact Platform
Web security solutions are available to schools to prevent occurrence of cyber bullying Rebuttal Too much friends 1 in 4 Stranger Cyber bully 24/7 Depression Dr. Harry Bradt,
Director of eating disorder "Facebook add to the body image
issues that people with eating disorder go through." Cycle of Friendship Online easier Texting dinner Less 'face to face' Zombie user Facebook Addiction Amy Cheong,
NTUC assistant director "Amy Cheung’s racist
comments cost her to lose
her job and..." Diane Solomon,
Victim of identity theft "She didn't own a facebook account and
her neighbour claimed she ask her for
money on facebook. " Bulimia & Aneroxia Making it difficult for people to remove
themselves from negativity. Allow you to put your best side forward. Good or Bad? Bad Self-esteem Good Motivation Stepping stone "Bring people together" Varying Backgroud Extend that experience to real world
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