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jamya jennings

on 5 January 2016

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Transcript of Copy of RISE IN BLACK CHURCHES

Group 5
By: Jamya Jennings, Chris&Tavis Seja&Joallie

How the topics are connected/related

what role did Black churches (particularly in the South) play after the Civil War in educating African Americans?

1. African American churches has long been the center of communities serving as school sites in the early civil war, taking up social walfare functions, such as providing for the poor, and going on to establish schools, orphanages and prisons ministries.

2. school and public education was important to African Americans because laws back then before the civil wat, it was illegal to educate African Americans on how to read and write.

How did singing in the church help reading and literacy?
they had to know how to read the lyrics to know the song, so practicing over and over helped them out alot.

Who were some of the famous Civil Rights activists connected that were also church leaders?

1. notable minister- activists of the 1950's and 1960's included Martin Luther King,jr.,
2. Ralph David abernathy,
3. Bernard Lee,
4. Fred shuttlesworth,
5. Wyatt Tee walker
6. C.T Vivian

what were some of the earlist black churches and Who started/founded them?

the african methodist episcopal church ( founded by richard allen)

2. first african church in savannah ,GA (founded by reverend george leile)

3. the third oldest church in the united states (founded by peter durett)

what is some history of these pioneering churches including dates, locations, Christian denominations, and early church leaders?

1. the third oldest church in the United States, was founded by peter durrett in 1790

2. in north america the name was changes from " first colored baptist" to "first african baptist"

3. the first church in savannah ,GA was founded in 1777

4. in new york, members withdrew from the johnson methodist church to the Zion church in 1801. in 1821 blacks formed the African Methodist Episcopal church.

Discuss “call and response” and early Negro Spirituals.

as a result , black churches have fostered bulit string community organizations and provide spiritual and politcal leadership, especially during the civil rights movement.

What role did the Black churches play in organizing the Civil Rights Movement for Blacks in the U.S.?

1. black churches held a leadership role in the american civil rights movement

What was The Great Migration ? What started it?Where did it occur and when?Where did it occur and when ?
The Great Migration was the mass movement of blacks moving across the nation
-was caused by segragation laws and unsatisfactory economic opportunities
-occurred in the North and South
-The Great Migration occurd between 1916 until 1970
How did the great migration change/affect life in places where blacks were migrating from and where they migrated to? What changes can we still see in America today as a result of the Great migration?
-In the South where the blacks left from some were happy and some were mad like people who owned a plantation they still needed workers others were happy
-Wide range of blacks all across the United States
What were the early forms of black music? What were its roots and how was it evolving in slaves in the U.S.?
The early forms of black music were sacred, folk, blues, military, jazz, hip-hop, and rap music
African Americans hummed tunes, some of the tunes were sad and some were cheerful.
The power of black music was great....it let people come together and find something they had in common.
Black music evolved from negro spirituals/field music to modern day hip-hop.
What were the messages and what was the power of black music to people in America. especially early on?
Some music can transform one's way of looking at the world and even change life.
This power of music must be recaptured, to become a resource for people who are still not free.
What has been the evolution of black music from its roots to modern day styles such as hip-hop? How has it influenced other kinds of music that has become popular in America? Who were some of the most influential pioneers of it throughout history?
It influenced other music by the way some singers do their vocals, and which instruments they choose to play in their songs.
Some of the pioneers are Whitney Houston, Michel Jackson, and Beyonce
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