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Google GLASS

No description

Meriem El Rhazi

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Google GLASS

What are a google glasses ?
They are connected glasses , equipped with a hard drive that allows storage treatment and local data, a screen placed in the eye line on which the wearer can navigate like a laptop. The control is done by a voice or visual sensor data based on what the user sees.
Google Glass
Presentation, history & future of a pair of glasses
Presented by:

- December 2011, rumors came out from media saying that there is a secret google project about an incarnated computer in the human body.
- February 2012, media saying that in the end of the year the market will welcome an Android pair of glasses
- April 2012 : Official announcement of the Google Glass (GG) along with a buzz video of social media network.
- June 2012 : GG explorer edition is out! Developers can order their pair on arrival
2011 - 2012
What can Google Glass change in our lives ?
Making of the technology a human reflex :
- No need to learn any developed crafts
- A basic way to control the technology
February 2013 : Official GG web site is open to the public. Recruitment of developers and testers lived a huge success
April 2013: The launch of "My glass" application that allows GPS& SMS
Swot analysis
- Original & innovative product
- Google belonging
- Easy to use
- Expensive - 1500 Dollars
- Possible vision side effects
- The first and the only actor in the market
- The customer desire to explore every new technology
- The customer associations against wireless device
- Small life cycle of the advanced technology products
- Aggressive competitors (Samsung/Apple)
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