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QR Codes - What are they?

The AVANSER Solution

James O'Neill

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of QR Codes - What are they?

title QR Codes - What are they? QR Codes are two dimensional barcodes that can be decoded using a web-enabled mobile device with a camera. So What? The entire world can be hyperlinked! AVANSER's Interactive QR Code with Click to Call

AVANSER QR Code - Tracking and Monitoring 1. Web-Enabled Phone with Camera
2. QR Code App Downloaded to Phone
3. Take a Picture of the QR Code
4. Phone reads it and either
a. Sends you to a link / Web page.
b. Gives you a message (text).
c. Saves a vcard. Video must have ability to be embedded (youtube, vimeo etc). Smiths Holden first dynamic QR Remember How does it work? So how can AVANSER help? Would you like to.. Engage your client in a more meaningful way? Put customers in contact with you instantly,
and in the medium they prefer? Give your customers a fully interactive mobile experience? Gather statistics regarding response rates and allow for interactive feedback? If your answer is Yes...
AVANSER has the solution for you! Hello! Ring Ring! Ring Ring! On the Horizon.. Suggested Applications Real Estate Agencies Resorts Expo's Wine Bottles "only limited by your imagination" Richard Tan 2012 Sneak Peek on DVD covers GoGet Google Maps - Favourite Places Cannot be Flash (iPhone not compatible)
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