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Smart House

Trabajo para CMC

David López

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Smart House

How much does turn a house into a smart home?
Increase the value of house between 0.5% and 3%
How do you program
How they work?
Through a central panel or mobile devices with specific applications you can control all the parameters of the house.
Who is it?
It's automation of home
It's very expensive
home automation
(smart house)

You control the light, the heating...
You improve the energy efficiency
It's increase the quality of life
Depend of the necessity of the people or the features of the house
Example of a Smart House
Causes energy savings in the house
Smart homes are more suitable for people with disabilities
The houses are more comfortable and safe
If the system is broken, the house becomes unusable and it's a risk of the security
You have to make big reforms
A real example of smart house
You can find away to make small modifications
Vacuum Cleaner
Lawn sprinkler
Washing machine
Coffee Machine
Intrusion alarms
Detection of an intruder
Timely and safe closing blinds.
Presence simulation.
Detectors and fire detection alarms
Gas detector
Created by: David López, Victor Moreno, Vicente Lirola
Building automation
It's similar to home automation but in buildings
Controls light on each floor
Controls the air, security and water systems
An example of smart home wiring
You have the ideal ligh in each room
You have a control remote or apps for your devices
You can program tasks for a determinate hour or a determinate event
Example of Confort
Energy saving
All devices aren't working all the time, only work when you need
The house uses solar home light and watering program according to the meteorology of the area
You know the real consumption of all home appliances
When you leave of home all lights turn off automatically except if has got an intrusion
In the Future
Table with charger
Smart cooking
In the present
Washing machine
Smart fridge
Example of the future Smart House of Microsoft
Whith Smart Card the disabled people can control the house
The furniture can be raised or lowered
Voice control
Advantages for the people
More free time to do other things
Disavantages for the people
Some people will be more lazy and easiest things won't know them, as do laundry
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