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ryan hadaway

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Burundi

African countries
Facts & Data
Out of 100% only 11% live in Urban areas, Meaning the rest live in poverty.
The first inhabitants were Twa. The Twa take up a small portion of the population today.
*Republician president
GDP:8.4 billion a year
GDP per capita:900$ a year
*2.7 years of schooling, depending on the family and there intentions
*In total they have 5 colleges in the country 4 being private 1 being public
*There is a rainy season, the rainy season extends from October to May
*There is a dry season, the dry season extends from December to February
*Also Burundi is land locked by many other countries most small but some large
*Burundi is mostly a mountainous country
People & social life
Language:Kurundi & French
Lifestyle:high morals & values
Appearance per capita:ragged clothes
Families & culture
* Women are very restricted(mainly wives)
*Too a child a village is looked up to as a extended family or even a nuclear family
*Mainly a rural country, furniture and basic supplies are scarce
*Main diet is beans and root crops
Burundi Discovery Education, 2004. Video Segment
Discovery Education. Web. 16/11/2015. http://www.discoveryeducation.com.
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