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Hosting a program outside your country

No description

Alberto Lopez Lopez

on 22 March 2018

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Transcript of Hosting a program outside your country

Student's Expectations for a Short-Term Program
Personal Development

Academic & Professional Enhancement

Quality Content

Hosting a Program Abroad
**The same program, a different experience**
Contributes to your student and staff development
It could make your program more affordable
CityU TESOL Program in Puebla, Mexico
Graduate TESOL Certificate at a non-English speaking country.
Opportunities to intern
Innovation is Key to Become More Competitive
Finding new differentiators besides content

Work alongside international partners (collaboration)
Current Success Stories
Professors and,
Both institutions
Thank you!
Arkansas State University invested $75 million to open a campus in Queretaro, México
Their Clinic Abroad Program In Jamaica allows interns to have the opportunity to provide chiropractic care for world class athletes and general chiropractic patients in private practices.
Best Practices for Internationalization Abroad
Providing a more affordable and meaningful experience to students
Antonio Esqueda Flores
Assistan Provost, International Operations, M.Ed.

Daniel Zamudio
Manager, International Programs & Recruitment, MPA
- Sarobol, N. (2015). Students’ expectations and conclusions based on a short-term study-abroad program. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Educational Studies, 10(4), 1-14.

- Badstübner, T., & Ecke, P. (2009). Student expectations, motivations, target language use, and perceived learning progress in a summer study abroad program in germany. Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German, 42(1), 41-49.

- Li, G. (2017). Preparing culturally and linguistically competent teachers for english as an international language education. TESOL Journal, 8(2), 250-276.

- http://www.astate.edu/asuq/index.dot

- https://www.parker.edu/clinic-abroad-program-kingston-jamaica/
CityU will launch the program in Mexico at its partner institution UPAEP.

Classes will be held at UPAEP campus and the student will stay at the university dorms.
Cumulative revenue to A-State could total $140 million over 20 years.
Projected annual revenue with 2,100 students is $1.39 million and with 5,100 students is $8.87 million.
Win-win for:
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