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Copy of World Geography

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MeShay Franklin

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Copy of World Geography

South America
Chapter 8
Jacques Cartier
* discovered St. Lawrence River
Samuel de Champlain
* Discovered three large lakes:
Ontario, Huron, and Champlain
* Father of the New World

Two French Explorers
of the New World

These two countries tried to lay claim to land and divided it between them.
* Line of Demarcation- first division and Portugal did not receive much of the land.
* Treaty of Tordesillas- new line of division giving Portugal the east portion of the land and Spain a central portion.
Spain and Portugal were the first to discover South America
Spain and Portugal
* Strong Catholic faith
* Did not believe in educating their colonist
* Viceroys ruled over New Spain (in the place of the king because the Atlantic Ocean separated the New and Old world)
* Donatarios- ruled over New Portugal (12 nobles of Bazil)
Important terms
Barrios: Poor neighborhoods in colonial
Mestizos: children of Indian and
Spanish parents
Haciendas: large country estates
Peninsulares: Spaniards born in Spain and living in colonies
Creoles: Full-blooded Spaniards or Portuguese born in America

Important Terms
Caudillos: replaced weak governments with their own dictatorship
Gauchos: cowboys in aurgentina
Guiana: popular name for south American settlements

Under Spain and Portugal we have:
* The New Laws of 1542
* Coffee became the largest export crop
*Sugar and Silver were natural resources for
*Portugal began to buy African slaves
*The Jesuits order was expelled from South America.
New Countries began to settle in South America:
France, English, and Dutch (Netherlands)
English Explorers:
*John Smith and Sir Thomas Dale settled in Jamestown.
* Thomas Dale brought discipline and helped this colony thrive.
* These English colonies brought religious freedoms.
* The pilgrims and puritans wanted to
separate from the church of England.

Simon Bolivar: Venezuelan that liberated
Venezuela and Colombia

Pedro I: Portuguese nobility that gave the
famous cry "Independence or death!"

Jose de San Martin: Argentine leader liberated
Chile and Peru

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