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Gender Roles throughout History: 20's, 50's, 80's & Present

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Tatevic Shakaryan

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Gender Roles throughout History: 20's, 50's, 80's & Present

Jazz Age : Roarin 20's : Golden Age
Flappers Drinking in Unison
Career & Society roles in the 1950's
Men were known to be the providers and had stable jobs
IF the woman worked it was most likely as a secretary
Women were not known for getting an education, if they did it was in home economics
Women were to be always primp and proper.

1950's Last Age of Innocence
Family Roles 80's continued
This time was different than others because now, typically both parents worked after more and more women starting graduating from college and starting careers.
Even though family values was core in the 80’s, there was a rise in the divorce rate.
Family Roles in the 1980's
Family life was fairly traditional in 80’s and family values was one of the core themes of the time.
Family Roles in Present Time
Men and women have equal roles in the modern family. In the past, men were the breadwinners in the family while women did household chores and took care of the children.
At present time, men and women play equal roles in the family. Both work to earn money for the family and both share equal household tasks. The husband is able to stay at home, do the dishes, clean the house and look after the children.
At the same time, they also run their own businesses and work in their respective fields.
The wife, on the other hand, also shares the same role with her husband. She also takes care of the children and does household chores while advancing her career.
Career Roles in Present Time
Men and women have varying roles at work. There are several industries which prefer one gender from another based on the demand of work.
For example, for work where physically-tough activities are performed, such as lifting heavy equipments or working in industrial plants, males are preferred.
On the other hand, in industries where organization and detail-orientation are required, females are preferred than male.
At present, equal opportunities are given for both male and female for both office and field work.
Gender Throwback: 20's, 50's, 80's & Present
Family Roles in the 1920's
Men were the breadwinners and spent time away from family (Baker,2014)
Men/Fathers knew best when it came to discipline and were the head of household. (Benner, 2004)
Women/Mothers were the primary caregiver (raising children, cooking, cleaning.) (Baker, 2014)
Women became more in control of the money, chief shoppers and began working. (Baker, 2014)
Only 20% of families had five or more kids which meant less time raising children and more time for themselves. (Bryan, 2014)
Career Roles
"I pay our women well so they can dress attractively and get married." -Henry Ford
The end of was WWI in 1918. Relied on Women to work in steel factories, chemical plants and of course nurses. Continued after the war. (Baker, 2014)

Career Roles Continued

Women were higher paid jobs though they were still paid lower than men. (Benner, 2004)
Women held less than 40% of the professional positions (Bryan, 2014)
Women gained 54%-60% less of what men did and earned just 8$ a week, working 55 hour weeks. (Bryan, 2014)
Society Roles in the 20's
Lighter clothing,
shorter dresses,
more risqué behavior
(Bryan, 2014)
The 19th Amendment passed
and women
were granted the right
to vote. (Bryan, 2014)

Career Roles of the 1980's
• By 1985 half of all college graduates
were women

• The gender wage gap slightly narrows

• Major decline in women in
computer science

Society Roles in the 80's
Consumption and showing off wealth was common, especially among men
Women had more power than ever before
Sandra Day O’Connor becomes the first woman to ever be appointed to the supreme court
Geraldine Ferraro becomes the first woman to run for vice president
The early mystery of AIDS stigmatizes gay men
First known as gay-related immune deficiency (GRID)

The typical American family: The mother who kept the home, the father who brought home the bacon, and the children who filled the house. This was what women, men, and children were being shown was the American dream” night after night. This was the idealized “normalcy” so richly sought

Society Roles in Present
Males are expected to do physically-challenging activities while women perform activities such as raising children and cooking.
In a normal social framework, education, professional commitments, household work, societal issues and child care are some of the various activities that men and women do
On the basis of sex, these roles are categorized to fit the biological orientation of a person. However, at present, individuals have the freedom to choose the activities that they want without thinking about the traditional norms.
In politics, men have been preferred to govern the society. However, through time, women have stepped up and have started leading the government that is previously ruled by men. The gap in gender roles has been narrowed down by feminist movements.
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