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Stage 8: Aging Family

No description

Long Mia

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Stage 8: Aging Family

Stage 8: Aging Family
Rewards for an Aging Family
No working
Having time to yourself
Studies show that aging increases happiness and emotional stability
Time to do what you want
Watching family members grow around you
This stage lasts from retirement until death.
Most people are expected to retire at the age of 66, but many people today retire around 62
Tasks of an Aging Family
Prepare for death in the future
Adjustment to retirement
Adjusting to heath problems
Preparation to write will
Make amends with issues with people
Deal with death of loved ones
Living alone
Getting sick a lot
Needing help with more things than before
More Challenges (especially with driving)
Joint and muscle pain and tightness
Hearing and seeing issues
Slower reaction times
Memory issues
Other transportation
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