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Children of the Holocaust

Holocaust Prezi

Myndee Simmons

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of Children of the Holocaust

1938-1940 Passport issued to Gertrud Gerda Levy, who left Germany in August 1939 on a Children's Transport (Kindertransport) to Great Britain. Berlin, Germany, August 23, 1939. Children shortly after arrival in Harwich. Great Britain, December 2, 1938. Kindertransport
1938-1940 Children of the Holocaust By:Myndee Simmons Nicholas Winton
From 1938-1939 Saving 669 Children Brought them from
Czechoslovakia to.. to... Great Britain! Sr. Nicholas Winton Sr. Nicholas and
some of the
children he saved Sr. Winton is now 102 years-old Children in Hiding children that survived by
hiding in Poland some Jewish children could
pass as "Aryan" Children in Hiding Children that couldn't
fit in had to hide in wall, attics, and cellers. Many children keep diaries
of the things they did and
things that happened around
them. children that fit in as aryan
had to hide behind other religions. Youth Aliyah Group Elsa and Howar
Survivors From 1933 to 1939
5,000 children where
sent to Palestine between 1939 and 1945 6,000
Children reached Palestine The Children in
the Warsaw Ghetto Irena Sendler receiving the In the Service of Health medal from Poland's Minister of Health. Warsaw, October 1958 Irena Sendler She smuggled 2,500 Jewish
Children out of the Ghetto 48,000 children between the
ages of 7 and 14 lived in the
Ghetto in January 1942. "A Small Smugglers" Children under the age of 10
went through holes and gaps in the wall If German troops stopped the children, they were beaten, abused and often killed. Medical Experiments "Angel of Death" Josef Mengele Twin Experiments Only a few out of the 3,000 survived! The Children of
Bullenhurser Damm The Hanging Room Works Cited "Block 66 at Buchenwald: The Clandestine Barracks to Save Children." Jewish Virtual Library - Homepage. Web. 16 June 2011. <http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/block66.html>.

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"Holocaustonline.co.uk - Lidice Holocaust." Holocaustonline.co.uk-Home Page concentration camps, death camps, labourcamps, holocaust, the holocaust, auschwitz, birkenau, dachau. 27 June 2011 <http://www.holocaustonline.co.uk/lidice.htm>. Never forget us. May they rest in peace. Alexander Hornemann, 8, the Netherlands
Eduard Hornemann, 12, the Netherlands
Marek Steinbaum, 10, Poland
Marek James, 6, Poland
W. Junglieb, 12, Yugoslavia
Roman Witonski, 7, Poland
Roman Zeller, 12, Poland
Sergio de Simone, 7, Italy
Georges Andre Kohn, 12, France
Eduard Reichenbaum, 10, Poland
Jacqueline Morgenstern, 12, France
Surcis Goldinger, 11, Poland
Lelka Birnbaum, 12, Poland
Eleonora Witonska, 5, Poland
Ruchla Zylberberg, 10, Poland
H.Wasserman, 8, Poland
Lea Klygerman, 8, Poland
Rywka Herszberg, 7, Poland
Blumel Mekler, 11, Poland
Mania Altman, 5, Poland After the War:
>Foster families didn't want give the children back
>Jewish Children didn't want to return to families
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