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How Do Telescopes Benefit Society

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Allan Carvalho

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of How Do Telescopes Benefit Society

How Do Telescopes Benefit Society, And How Does the Telescope Work?
1st Benefit
This is probably the most obvious benefit, the telescope can see much more than the human eye. The magnifying of the telescope works by the objective lens focusing on the light of the object which would magnify on the object. The eyepiece lens takes the light and essentially magnify it more for the human eye.
2nd benefit
The telescope has helped to dig more into the things of science, such has outer space. Such examples would be seeing the climates of planets, or view different types of stars or galaxies and studying about such things. It has helped objects come to a closer view which would make us have more knowledge about thing such has space. It has helped us to understand more, given us more knowledge and has helped us to explore things, such has the universe. It has given us a vast view of our solar system, and other things. Because of the telescope, we have explored things such has outer space, helped us to study about it and showed us the science of outer space such has the climates of planets, the textures of planets and more.
3rd benefit
The telescope gives us a vast view of the outside world. It lets us track things, like if there an asteroid heading towards Earth, or if there are discoveries of new planets within our solar system. It shows us everything we need to know to study the unknown. Showing us vast views helps us not only to explore, but to study the outside world. It shows and records images so we can study, and without the vast view of the telescope, astronomers wouldn't be able to study what our solar system and universe holds and how it works. With the vast view the telescope holds we can discover new planets, discover types of stars and how big, hot and bright they are. The vast view the telescope gives us allows mankind to explore our universe.
4th benefit
The telescope brings out more in science. The telescope helps please our minds on curiosity and wonder. But this also helps us to advance and grow bigger. We have seen many other telescopes come along and help please our curiosity and wonders on what may be in the outside world and help pursue more on what may be in the outside world and new telescopes, such as the Hubble Telescope, have helped mankind do just that. It brings the outside world in our planet, Earth, and this just makes us move on a rapid pace helping us know more.
5th benefit
Another benefit of the telescope would be that it lets us explore possible future benefits for mankind. With the benefit of the telescope, we could possibly find out if there are any planets that closely resemble our planet Earth, that could possibly be perfect enough to carry human life. Recent searches have found Earth like planets, like Kepler-22b and Kepler 186f, only with the help of rockets, but these rockets hold telescopes to what we have here in Earth, which helps us to find out how planets like Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are gaseous planets and how planets like Kepler-22b and Kepler 186f are Earth like. With the help of these powerful telescopes mankind has been able to research and find out this kind information.
6th benefit
Telescopes have not only helped us know more about the universe, but also about things on the earth, like the speed of light, types of rays, gravity and many other things. With the telescope we have been able to dig out some of the physical laws on our planet Earth. It has also helped clear things up, first people thought that Earth was in the center of our solar system, but with the help of the telescope we have been able to clarify such statements, and give an accurate answer. The telescope has given us new things to explore, like the physical laws of our planet Earth, the types of rays, the speed of light and has given us more precise accurate answers. Without the help of the telescope we would not have been able to discover such things, and be forced to make inaccurate judgements and answers.
7th benefit
The telescope has helped us find many discoveries. A few discoveries would be planets, stars, galaxy's, types of rays,etc. There have been several things that the telescope has helped us to discover. Without the help of the telescope we would not have been able to make such discoveries, we wouldn't be able to learn more about our planet Earth, and our universe. Without the telescope, we would be forced to use inaccurate judgements and give inaccurate answers. So with the telescope, we have been able to make incredible discoveries, learn more and give accurate answers.
Hubble Space Telescope
Kepler 186f
8th benefit
Another benefit would be that the telescope has helped us to make bigger advances. The telescope has helped us so much over years, it has inspired man to make bigger advances in telescopes.An example of that would be the Hubble space telescope.The Hubble space telescope is a very powerful space telescope that got launched into space, it can tell textures, sizes and temperatures of planets, types of stars, etc. It has helped us discover more and has helped mankind learn more. The telescope has helped mankind make bigger advances moving forth in that of telescopes.Mankind has been a able to learn more because the evolution of telescopes keeps getting bigger and keeps moving on.
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