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jerrell camper

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of collage

An educational instution
Co-ed : A college that has both Men and Women

Liberal Arts : A Education school that has cultural subjects

Merit- based Aid : The type of aid a student may get that doesn't have to be paid off

Public : A under grad and post grad school

Grants: Financial help for students

The Ohio State University
What is College ?
Historic Black: A college or institution for African American teachers and students.

Selectivity: To be selected by a certain college.

Associates: To be familiar with or acquainted with a subject.

Apprenticeships: A training of different skills

Accredited: When the college is national known.
Financial help for students

A test to get into collage
A test for college admission
Need- based Aid:
Students who have a positive number remaining after the EFC is subtracted from the cost of attendance may qualify for some need based aid
The Ohio State University is a Public University
281 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Vice President, Provost Joseph A. Alutto,
assumed acting President July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014
June 30, 2014 Micheal V. Drake will assume the role of President
The Ohio State is a University
It is referred to as Ohio State or OSU
A research University in Columbus
Founded in 1870

The Student population

Mission Statement:
Ohio State University Extension helps people improve their lives through an educational process using scientific knowledge focused on identified issues and needs.

Vision Statement:
The Ohio State University
Extension is broadly recognized throughout the state as a premier educational network. It is a dynamic strengthening individuals, families and communties in partnership with the Federal Extension system

OSU NCAA'S Division 1 in all sports and the Big Ten Conference
School Colors : Scarlet & Gray
What is College ?
Scholarships: What a student is awarded and does not have to pay for college

Bachelors: A undergraduate degree

4 year: A college that offer classes for 4 years

OSU Mascot
Brutus the Buckeye
What is College ?
What is College ?

Archie Griffin
Archie Griffin thrilled Buckeye with his exploits on the Football field and has spent his professional career serving the university and its accomplished alumni
Famous Alumni
Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus won an NCAA award title for the university
in 1961, he dotted the "i" on the football field in 2006 with the schools marching band
OSU has many different departments. They are designed to be separated into different schools based on the subject that students choose. Listed are 3 of the departments:




ACT/SAT scores criteria standardized test scores are among the factors considered in Ohio State's admissions process, but there's no minimum cut off score.

Official scores are required, students can request to have scores reports sent from the testing agent to Ohio State University when you apply to the college.

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