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How Does Apple Play A Role in Social Responsibility?

No description

yujing he

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of How Does Apple Play A Role in Social Responsibility?

? How does Aapple Play A Role in Social Responsibility? Our Company: Apple Is Apple operating in a socially and globally way 1. Effects on Worker's Rights Three Focused Aspects 1. products have changed the way of our lives Counterargument as a huge global company, Apple needs to be responsible to the whole society

more and more ethic issues from Apple has presented Refutation group members ( ) Alex Jennifer Yi research proposal effects on the environment 2 refutation 5 audience handout ( ) effects on work's rights 1 counterargument 4 Power Point ( ) effects on economics 3 outline research question 2. Effects on The Environment 3. Effects on The Economy Effects on Worker's Right work hours payment practice worker's age long overtime hours work conditions >60 hrs/week >6 consecutive days/month long overtime hours only 1 break every 10 hours shift long overtime hours 1.delayed payment 2.no adequate benefits 1.working in danger environment 2.without protection 3.lacked first-aid procedures 3.no overtime wages earn as little as 30p per hour Foxconn’s basic monthly wage of RMB950 ($US140) 1. a single dormitory houses 5,000 workers, and 10 workers in a room 2 fatal incidents were taken place at plants 2.didn't permit to cook, have visitors hiring underage workers 1. realize the true working conditions faced by the workers in Apple’s suppliers 2. consider how to protect workers from unfair and unsafe working environment 3. Apple and its suppliers to drive the highest standards for social responsibility under the supervision of the public thirteen suicides attempts happened inside Foxconn’s due to unbearable stress and humiliation Apple concedes the issues of worker’s right are arising in its suppliers social responsibility issues involved in 156 Apple suppliers the Environment the Economy 1. Apple’s negative effect on economy -- communicate -- obtain information -- download music -- use handsets -- use computers Therefore the innovation from Apple’s products is making our lives a big step forwards 2. iPods, iPhones or iPads changed the way of entertainment Conclusions 1. the most influential international corporation 2. its products bring out dramatic changes BUT we cannot ignore the negative influence on worker's right, the environment, and the economics 3. do something against unethical business behaviors e.g. persuade relatives and friends not to buy the products Why Apple? Conclusion the Effects on 3 aspects Counterargument Introduce group members Refutation Negative influence for China Negative Influence Purpose 1. the negative influence on the environment 2. push managers consider the environment issue & improve their production process. 3. society and government give more press 1. polluted waste and toxic metals 2. release harmful gases 3. unknown suppliers 1. polluted waste and toxic metals threaten public health 2. Apple Company didn’t want to announce the suppliers who hurt the environment. Thank you for your attention ! 2. the negative effects on the relationship of the trade between Apple in America and China 3. Apple drives the economy growth
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