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AZBO Benchmark Prezi

No description

Fran Matera

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of AZBO Benchmark Prezi

What is AZBO?
What's missing on these buildings?
AZBO- Arizona Building Officials
New York Tenement Fire, 1860
Recognizable codes and regulations:
The answer lies in
building codes
The Southwest's
leading source
for Building Code

represents 10 members.
current Website
CUrrent LOGO
SOcial Media Engagement
Thank you
We welcome your questions at this time.
refresh website and social media accounts
Goal 1:
Objective 1:
Strategy 1:

AZBO Chapters
What are building codes?
Discover why
members want
to join AZBO.

Get feedback from 25% of members
Survey all members
Create a 20 question online survey using survey monkey
Send to members by email list
Who are building officials?
enforce regulations
ensure safety
certified professionals
Goal 2:
Objective 2:
Tactic 2:
represents 10 members.
Develop more visual components

Hi-RES photos

More infographics
from survey results
$10,000 - $20,000
Phase 1
Brand Refresh
Create a recognizable brand for AZBO

Phase 2
Member Involvement and Participation
Fire escapes
Maximum occupancy restrictions
Designated emergency exits
Who created the codes?
Universal set of building code guidelines
Survey Results
Result Rates
After first email was sent out:
After a reminder was sent out:
Meaningful results
Recommendations based on survey results:

486 members emailed

68 invalid email addresses

414 total were reached
75 members responded
83 total responses
88% of survey participants joined AZBO for training
44% didn't attend any meetings

1% attended all AZBO meetings

60% reported meetings conflicted with their schedules
Why did members join AZBO?
Are members actively involved?
Why not?
Meaningful Results
39% of use Facebook
35% use LinkedIn
Which social media platforms are used by AZBO members?
Are members aware of the AZBO Facebook page?
52% have heard of the page
Only 22% "like" the page
Recommendations based on survey results
Create a social media campaign
Survey members to create more convenient meeting and event times
Cleanup email list for more accurate contact information
Create a company LinkedIn page
AZBO SWOT Analysis
gaining new members


increasing member involvement
partnership with Target
Create social media presence
Redo website
AZBO is Arizona's chapter
20% response rate
Improve logo
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