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My Cultural Artifact

No description

Kendal Gumbleton

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of My Cultural Artifact

My Snowboard A Brief Story As you would imagine this makes the construction process much, much harder About Snowboarding Snowboarding is Born The 20s Snowboarding started as simply as people using clotheslines or horse reins to tie them selves to planks of wood from barrels The Snurfer Modern Snowboarding Evolves The 60s And Evolves As the board evolves, so does the sport. Adding new events, leading up to the insanity that snowboarding is today. Now the Real Story Evolved from an engineer father in Michigan making a toy for his daughter out of skis and rope Let's go a little deeper Into the biggest necessity for snowboarding The Board The snurfer! Where it all started The Winterstick! Then comes... Developed by Dimitrije Milovich in the mid 70s "Winterstick" remained his brand, but the concept was progressed further by Jake Burton Carpenter and Tom Sims Both Burton and Sims would go on to starting their own snowboarding businesses Burton would also become the biggest and most well known snowboarding company in the world The entire anatomy of the snowboard would soon change from a traditional solid wood construction... To a must more complex composite construction with many layers and materials Now with all the different styles of riding, there can't possibly be a single type of board right? Right! There are snowboards designed for deep powder riding, park riding, and for that person that does a little bit of everything A little incite on the differences in board types My Personal board is the 2011 Lib-Tech Travis Rice Pro Model. Travis Rice.
A bit of an idol. And on that note... The History behind me and my board Simply put, snowboarding is my life I've been snowboarding since I was this little guy And from day one I was hooked on these All of the different styles, the designs, and all of the different technical aspects from board to board really interested me. Which brings me to how I came to owning this board. My old board crapped out on me at the end of 2010 and it was finally time for a new one, and I've had one in mind for quite some time now. The lib-Tech T. Rice pro model. I've heard the technology in it was top of the line and that they were one of the best boards on the market. And once I got to the shop and saw the design I fell in love. Don't even get me started on the first time I used it, if I thought I was in love before I didn't even know what to call this feeling I hope I don't need to explain the importance of the snowboard to the snowboarding culture. It is a tool used to express yourself in an active way, but the board itself expresses your personality With all of the different designs you can get on your board everyone can find the right one to express their personality. I don't think I need to tell you what kind of personality someone with this board has A snowboard is more than just a tool though.
It is a mode of expression And if you've ever looked at a snowboarder's wardrobe, it is easily tell we love to express ourselves. http://cboggs89.tripod.com/id4.html






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