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Developing Personalized Standards Based Curriculum on Schoology

Presentation for the Schoology #NEXT14 Conference

Nichole Carter

on 30 December 2015

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Transcript of Developing Personalized Standards Based Curriculum on Schoology

Backwards Planning
Figure out homework, in class activities to apply knowledge, and qualifier
Common Core Aligned & NEXT Generation Science Standards
We run a mastery model (we call it proficiency)
90% of student's grade is based on standards based summative assessments
10% of students grade based on College and Career readiness
Students must pass a qualifier before getting to their summative assessments
Departments target their standards for a unit of study.
Create their summative assessment and then work backwards from there to get the students prepared.
Connected Educators
On a Team/House we can pin point which students need extra help in certain categories or can e-mail through the team what work needs to be done.
Each department has created a course on Schoology
We use this to share content (assignments, links, quizzes, and leveled materials)
Create rubrics
We create all of our own content
Curated from online sources & Schoology groups etc.
Advisory Curriculum
We spend every Thursday & Friday in our advisory classes on Academic Support.
Measure Students Strengths
To understand ability level use state tests and lexile scores.
Formative Assessments
QR Code example (See the folder "QR codes & Google Forms as Formatives)
Pre-tests & Post-tests using quizzes on Schoology
Analyze Student Data in Data Team cycles
Copy of our data team cycle PDF (see folder on Data Teams)
Flipped Classroom
Google forms & spreadsheets
Sophia.org & Educanon
Videos of in-class lectures and experiments for students that are absent or want to review
Creation of videos from content specific to unit and standards of study
YouTube & YouTubeEDU
Authentic Learning
Teacher is a guide, providing a lot of feedback and support on the development of this process
Students work at their own pace culminating in benchmarks along the way to keep them on task.
i.e. students are each doing something unique and personal to them
Students work on something they are passionate about
20% of students time (1 day a week) is spent researching and becoming an expert in one thing.
Authentic Learning
Students learn targeted scientific and engineering concepts that give them the tools to build an ROV.
Schoology Course Set Up
Discussion Threads
Based on Lexile Score in reading
Literature Circles
Via messages in Schoology
Interest Groups
Based on ability group in science or math
Grading Groups
Flexible Pacing but with structure:
Schoology Course Set Up
Provide handouts and materials through PD course for later access
Utilize your own staff to teach short sessions to other teachers.
Breakout Sessions
Admin puts together our department/team content and then we are allowed a more specific discussion and movement through content at our own pace.
NAMS PD Course
Staff Development Courses, personalized education isn’t just for students!
Aquabots & Genius Hour example
Student Course Completion
Group Projects &
Student Created Content
Menu of options to prove mastery of concepts:
After that if students score an 80% or higher for attempt 2 they can create something based on a menu of choices, the created content must still prove an understanding of the current standards.
For data team process we need baseline data so everyone takes attempt 1 summative assessment across all teams per grade level
Group Projects &
Student Created Content
Summative Assessment Group Work
Menus of options
Novel Movie Trailer Projects
Explain Everything Presentations/Movies
Stay in Touch
Contact Info Nichole
Contact Info Marshall
Twitter: @MrsCarterHLA
Website: http://goo.gl/Wc4sgL
E-mail: ncarter@fgsd.k12.or.us
Google+: google.com/+MarshallCookNAMS
Email: mcook@fgsd.k12.or.us
Students of all levels of skill participate in the class, and must be able to complete the project.
True proficiency: Either their ROV works, or it doesn't. Grade is based on group work, and participation in competitions.
Students must learn and complete complex tasks that require fine motor skills, an direct instruction
at their own pace.
Schoology Course Set Up
Engineering Aquabots
Leveled Tests & Assessments
Based on Lexile Levels
Leveled Summative Assessments
3 Levels
Low, medium, high/max
2 Attempts
2nd attempt hidden till needed
Post Test
Similar in style to pre-test
Basic Principles of Personalized Education
Dual Teacher Role (adviser & coach)
Learn Relevant Student Learning Characteristics
Developmental Level
Learning style
Prior Knowledge
Culture of Collaboration in the School (teachers & students)
Interactive Learning Environment
Small Groups (both in class but also in teams w/in a school)
Thoughtful discussions & Engaging classroom environments
Authentic learning activities & achievement (construction, inquiry, & value beyond school)
Flexible Pacing but with structure
Authentic Assessment (naturalistic, performance, portfolio)
Creating Grading Groups
Move to the members section of your course.
Create the groups according to your data collection
Individually Assign the students to those groups
When creating assignments, discussion threads, & quizzes assign to appropriate groups
Any time left...
Let's look at the provided materials!
Any questions?
Common formative assessments, used with data team cycle
Course Code:

Developing Personalized Standards Based Curriculum on Schoology
See the folder "Genius Hour" in course.
See folder "ROV building instructions" in course.
See the "Student Created Content" folder
Collaborative Notes

Discussion Threads
How to embed a
video on Schoology
Phi Delta Kappa
James W. Keefe and
John M. Jenkins
Utilizing Schoology to push this out to the students!
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