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Megan Mrozek

on 3 April 2013

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Neo-Nazi Suspicion 1980 1982 Biggest Grudge of
the Century Tylenol Killer 1981 Star Wars 1983 African Drought 1984 Titanic Wreck 1985 Microsoft Goes Public 1987 Drug Lord
Released Satanic Book
Ignites Anger 1988 1989 1986 -explosion in a Paris synagogue ignites fear of Nazi activity in France, explosion kills 4 and injures 10 -Israel annexed Golan Heights, a Syrian Territory taken in 1967. It still effects country relations between Israel and Syria to this day. -Killer laces Tylenol with cyanide to put them back on the shelves. Taken place in Chicago, it kills 7 but causes nation-wide recall and product concern -Government plans that would give the U.S. a laser shield. The official name is Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), failed due to the fact that the goals were too advance. -A drought in the Sub-Saharan Africa Region causes mass famine and disease, killed 300,000 -Remains discovered by a French-U.S. research team, found 560 mi, off of Newfoundland -the company becomes open to the public, making Bill gates an instant $311 millionaire. -Medellin drug lord Jorge Luis Ochoa released from his Colombian prison, in a move that angers the U.S. -Salman Rushdie publishes "The Satanic Verses" It deeply angered the Muslims, who put a 1 million death warrant on Rushdie Ban on Ivory -Kenya was concerned about African elephants becoming extinct, so they called a worldwide ban on ivory The Eighties:
The Golden Years Ronald Reagan Christa McAuliffe Barney Clark John W. Hinckley Jr. People of Da Eighties 40th president, from 1981-1989.
Increased economic growth, employment, and national defense.
Made a treaty with the Soviet Union. Also an actor. High school S.S. teacher chosen to be the first U.S. citizen sent into space. Died in the Challenger explosion. First man to receive an artificial heart, an aluminum heart connected to a 400-pound compressor. Died 112 days after the transplant. Tried to assassinate Reagan, caught but found not guilty by reason of insanity. Obsessed with and stalked Jodie Foster, due to her role in the film Taxi Driver Important Tech Stuff Personal Computer Human Genome Project Cell Phone Ozone Layer The first computers used in homes. They were big, blocky and slow, but still a huge leap in technology Made a genetic blueprint of human chromosomes. Increased the knowledge of how the human body functions. Issues with the Ozone layer (such as thinning/holes) were discovered and sought out to be improved. First phone that is portable, very limited technology compared to today's phone. Made communication easier. Media (totally
better than ours) Movies T.V. Shows Bill & Ted's Excellent
Adventure Ferris Bueller's
Day Off The Oprah Show Married With Children -Released in 1989
-Stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters Two metal head slackers risk being separated due to failing their history class. Fortunately, they stumble across a time machine telephone booth, where the travel to the past to get the first-hand account of history's greatest. Abraham Lincoln: Fourscore and...
[looks at his pocket watch]
Abraham Lincoln: seven minutes ago... we, your forefathers, were brought forth upon a most excellent adventure conceived by our new friends, Bill... and Ted. These two great gentlemen are dedicated to a proposition which was true in my time, just as it's true today. Be excellent to each other. And... PARTY ON, DUDES! High school student Ferris Bueller is determined to take a day off of school, using all his tricks to do so. However, his principle refuses to let Ferris get away with another day off. Fun Fact: 20 year old Charlie Sheen was in
the movie, playing a drug addict. The beginning of the long lived talk show hosted by Oprah Winfrey, where she talks about the problems of others on live television and finds helpful cheat codes on life for middle aged women. Airing only in the Chicago area (where it is recorded) during 1984, her show went national in 1986. Al Bundy, a miserable shoe salesman with a dysfunctional family attempts to better his life but always end up failing. The show started in 1987 and was filmed in Chicago. Al: I work in a shoe store, I make less than minimum wage, and yet I'm not happy to be home. Al: Why do I suddenly feel I'm in the presence of great evil?
Bud: [on phone] Hi, Mom. Music and Media Jack Nicholson George Lucas David Bowie The Cure -actor
-in The Shining (1980) and Batman (1989) -director
-directed Star Wars and Indiana Jones
-'nough said -music for The Labyrinth
-"Under Pressure" with Queen
-#1 hit "Ashes to Ashes" -album "The Top" hit #10 on Uk charts and #180 in the U.S., 1984 Stephen King Roald Dahl -famous horror author
-wrote "Pet Semetary" which became a popular movie in the 80's -famous children book author
-wrote the novel "Matilda" in 1988 Cars Reliant Robin Chevrolet Impala -initially produced in the UK during the 1970's the Reliant was still manufactured during the early 80's and redesigned in the late 80's and remained popular throughout the 70's and 80's
-three wheel car with a unique feature that the single wheel was in the front, with a plastic frame
-car is easily flipped over -Impala's first generation being manufactured in 1958, the 5th and 6th generations occurred in the 80's
-it was the most popular Chevy models during the 80's in the U.S. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsyMtYoSkC0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bIn_ZgHJaE Fun things they did because they didn't have the internet Rubik's Cube Fitness Craze Super Mario Bros Neon Legwarmers Denim, Denim
Everywhere Fashion Trends -denim was the popular material and used for everything -the fitness trend and bright colors were combined to make this trend where people wore neon legwarmers casually -during the 80's it was popular to work out and stay in shape -won an award in 1980 as best puzzle of the year
-most popular throughout the 1980's -created in the 80's by Nintendo for the Nintendo ES
-first game in the series, 1985 Sportsman of the 80's
Olympic Athletes and Others Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Mike Tyson Carl Lewis Jackie Joyner-Kersee -famous boxer
-heavyweight champion
-bit off someones ear
-76% win rate by K.O. -basketball player, 7'2"
-NBA MVP 1980
-NBA champ on 5 occasions in 1980's -Olympic athlete in track and field
-won 9 gold medals
-computed in '84 and '88 -track and field competitor
-voted greatest athlete of 20th century by Sports Illustrated
-won 3 gold medals
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