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Git Happens - JDD

This is historically accurate, but it is not as good a Prezi as the KCDC version.

Jessica Kerr

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Git Happens - JDD

master master my-feature master master Git is Hard Git Happens Jessica Kerr @jessitron Unlearn
Subversion Tell a
Story origin SHA-1
hash DAG Working Directory Directed D Acyclic A Graph G build.gradle src Main.java Helper.java a64f03 b68790c 6704cd df678a 45dfb7 build.gradle src Main.java Helper.java gradle.properties c435ab 98b4c3 Staging
Area Commit Pointers Branch Remote Fast
Forward add commit working tree
parent HEAD master my-tag HEAD my-tag HEAD my-tag commit my-feature HEAD master my-tag master fast-forward
merge checkout reset Fetch Push Merge
Commit Rebase Cherry
Pick Squash Interactive
Rebase master origin master origin/master clone master origin master origin/master fetch origin/master master origin master origin/master push merge rebase merge --squash rebase -i cherry-pick fa43b6 03b67c 64aa0cb vocabulary concepts what to type local github team why HEAD my-feature HEAD my-feature HEAD MERGE_HEAD build.gradle build.gradle build.gradle build.gradle index.html index.html index.html change to be committed unmerged path HEAD MERGE_HEAD pick squash a8fb67 b678ac pick pick c990b4 pick c990b4 pick a8fb67 b678ac 9197b6f3f7fba2c85d8118a52c24543cfba8759 df678a
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