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Harry Styles Media Studies

No description

brittney tarbett

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Harry Styles Media Studies

Growing up, Harry's parents divorced when he was 7 years old. His mother is now married to Robin Twist.
In Grade 8, Harry and his friends started a band called White Eskimo with his friends; Hayd Morris (lead guitarist), Nick Clough (bass guitarist), and Will Sweeny (drummer). They had won a battle of the bands competition singing Summer Of '69.
After not making it through bootcamp, Harry was later put into a group with four other boys, who later became One Direction
Born on February 1st 1994 in Redditch, Worcestershire, England to Anne Cox and Des Styles. Harry Styles grew up in Evesham, Worcestershire, but moved to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire when he was 12.
On April 11th, 2010 when Harry was 16, he auditioned to be on X Factor. He had made it through to bootcamp where he sang Stop Crying Your Heart Out.
Harry has two siblings, one sister named Gemma, and a step-brother named Mike.
Up All Night topped the charts in sixteen countries and by December 2012 sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide.
Take Me Home topped the charts in more than 35 countries, and was the fourth best-selling album of 2012, selling 4.4 million copies.
The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry listed Midnight Memories the best-selling release of 2013, with sales of 4 million copies

Capricho Awards - International Male Hottie Won

NME Awards - Villain of the Year
MTV Europe Music Awards - Best Look
Teen Choice Awards - Choice Other: Male Hottie
Teen Choice Awards - Choice Other: Smile
British Fashion Awards - British Style Award

NME Awards - Villain of the Year

When Harry was younger, he use to spend a lot of time with his sister Gemma
"the worst [hairstyle] was probably when i had blond streaks put in it when i was about eight. I looked like a real chav. I thought it was cool when i went into school the day after having it done, but looking back i looked like a real douche"
Growing up, Harry attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, he had always had a lot of friends and got along with everyone.
*One Direction as a group have won over 150 awards and I'm not listing them all so if you wanna know go on wiki*
*The first song Harry knew all the words to was ‘The Girl Of My Best Friend’ by Elvis Presley.
Harry has tattoos for his sister Gemma and mom Anne.
Gemma in Hebrew
Iced Gem (nickname for his sister)
The letters G and A for his mother's and sisters initials
Currently Harry has over 50 tattoos, he got his first tattoo in 2012.
Random Fact: Harry was born with 4 nipples
Random Fact: Before going on X Factor, Harry worked part time at a bakery in Holmes Chapel
*couldn't find the video of harry so here's josh peck saying exactly what im thinking
Random Fact: Harry came up with the name One Direction
Take Me Home Tour
Up All Night Tour
Where We Are Tour
iCarly - Himself
This Is Us - Himself
Saturday Night Live - Himself
Made $18,472,875 in the opening weekend
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