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Ben Arens Prezi

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Ben Arens

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Ben Arens Prezi

The Central Processing Unit is responsible for the commands of the hardware and software.
Parts of the Computer
There are 14 main parts in a computers.
The Motherboard serves to connect all of the parts of the computer together.
Memory (ram)
Ram is a type of storage used in computers that is located on the motherboard.
Permanent Storage
Any type of storage that saves data
Power Supply

The peice of hardware thats used to produce the power.
USB Port
Allow electronic devices to be connected to via cables into a computer.
Optical Drive
Store data on optical discs.
Video Card
A card that allows the computer to senf info
The outside part that holds everying in place.
Case Fans
It blows cool air to get the hot air out.
PC stands for Personal Computer.
A dvise that helps to prevent your computer from overheating.
The peice of hardware that controls videos and graphics.
A device used to get information or put information in a computer.
Ben Arens
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