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Green Living

This is a presentation containing suggestions on living a greener life.

Lea Karmina del Mundo

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of Green Living

Green Living Bring a travel mug to your favorite coffee shop. Take public transit. Plant a garden to help promote biodiversity. Take a short shower (5 to 10 minutes). Find new ways to use old things. There are many things that you can do to help. It's entitled
"40 Ways You Can Go Green on Earth Day" The article is made by Cara Smusiak of Naturally Savvy for Planet Green. PLANT The author enumerated 40 ways to Go Green. What you will see here are the 12 easiest ways from her list.

Let's start! ^_^ Replace old toilets with dual flush models. Walk or bike instead of driving. Share your green know-how with others. Stop using paper plates. Invest in cloth napkins and stop buying paper ones! Start carrying a reusable bag. REUSE STOP REUSE CHANGE REPLACE INVEST Stop using plastic cups. SHARE Just like what I'm doing right now. ^.^ CHANGE Invest in rechargeable batteries. F
I N D WATER SAVE DEVIATE X / \ Air Pollution Water pollution species extinction soil erosion water degradation deforestation The natural environment is continuously being degraded; don't you feel the need to act on it? You may only be one individual but it does not mean you can't do something about our environment's degradation. One Internet article lists many simple ways of living green. It can be found here:
http://planetgreen.discovery.com/work-connect/fortyways-gogreen-earth-day.html 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 7 These are our ways of helping the environment. What's yours? these are just little acts but together, we can create... big results.
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