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Red Bull VS Kratingdaeng

No description

Gronggan Thungpan

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Red Bull VS Kratingdaeng

Red Bull
5-Hour Energy
Other Threats
Cross Cultural Management
Gronggan Thungpan

How does this two brands relevant?
Dietrich Mateschitz
Chaleow Yoovidhya
Krating Daeng was first introduced in Thailand in 1976. Then in 1987 Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in Austria after visited to Thailand. He discovered a drink called Kratingdaeng that help him with his jet lag. He partnered up with the founder of Kratingdaeng ( Chaleow Yoovidhya) and they're made Red Bull together. Yoovidhya wanted Mateschitz to run the company as long as he gets 50 % share.
Kratingdaeng Advertising
Dietrich Mateschitz was a founder of Red bull
Red Bull is an energy drink sold by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, created in 1987.
Red Bull GmbH is an Austrian company which sells the Red Bull energy drink. The company is also known for its sponsorship of a range of sporting events.
Slogan "Red bull gives you wings
Krating Daeng was first introduced in Thailand in 1976.
Krating Daeng is an energy drink developed by Chaleow Yoovidhya.
The drink is mostly sold in Southeast Asia.
Krating Daeng sales soared across Asia in the 1980s, especially among truck drivers, construction workers and farmers.
Slogan is "The goal is for crashed"
Red Bull Advertising
Background Information
Background Information
The type of persuasion used:
Cross-cultural Ad Messages:
National Culture
Advertising Techniques
In this advertising transmit the Pathos persuasion through an actor and actress by telling son's daily life and mother's hope, things he forgets along his way to hit the goal, with deeply melody and narrator's sound are increasing emotional. He forget daily life, eating, clean house, time, forget the one who loves he the most and forget mother's hope.
Thai tradition believes that if parents were giving birth son. They expect their son to be ordain for repaying kindness. They believe that when they die will be rest in peace on the heaven.
So this is the mother's hope from her son. Thus,
this advertising is using Thai national culture to proceed a story.
1. Jingle or Slogan; Hit the Goal
2. Emotional Appeal; Focusing on advertising that aren't related about product directly, it is the way how to build the image up to respond emotions or attitudes. According to the advertising it doesn't related about the product too much but they try to tell a story to build the image of hitting the goal up to represent the product.
3. Slice of Life Appeal; this kind of problem is normally happening in our nation, that is most of sons must forget to be ordain to repay kindness their patrons, so this is a realistic.
The type of persuasion used:
Cross-cultural Ad Messages:
Universal Human Condition
All humans need entertainment regardless of their national culture!
In this advertising Red bull is sponsoring for several extreme sports. These activities often involve speed, height, and a high level of physical exertion. Such as racing, surfing, ice climbing , skateboarding, etc. These extreme sports are the way how humans entertaining and challenging themselves without concerning.
In this advertising bring some famous sport star to present that Red bull is a sponsoring. Such as Henry(Football player), Blake Griffin(Basketball player), Ryan Dungey(KTM rider)
Advertising Techniques
1. Jingle or Slogan; Red Bull gives you wings

2. Image Advertising; Advertising shows you specific lifestyle of some group of people, if you try Red bull it will gives you wings and energy to do these extreme sport.

3. Testimonial Appeal; Bring sport star and extreme sport professional
Comparison between
Red Bull and Kratingdaeng
Association Map
Association Map
It is conclude that the consumer has attitude with the Red Bull totally different from Kratingdaeng . Consumers look at Kratingdaeng as a low level energy drink. When talking about Kratingdaeng, consumers are reminded of the workers, teamster, fighter and etc.
In contrast, Consumers look at Red Bull as classy energy drink. And Red Bull also sponsoring for the challenging and extreming sport.
Thus, even these two brands are from the same foundation and got the same logo but the way they advertise is totally different at all because their target group.
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