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Keys to Successfully Navigate CCISD Connect

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James Garza

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Keys to Successfully Navigate CCISD Connect

Find your student's school site
School sites can be obtained by going to www.ccisd.us/schools
Report a Bully
Clicking on
Report a Bully
will allow you to report a bully incident to campus administrators.
Keys to Successfully Navigate
Thank you!
(Bus Routes)
Faculty and Staff
Home Access Center
Instructional Resources
Teacher Pages
Food Services
Mobile App
The Instructional Resources link is located under both the Students and Parents tabs.
District Tab
The District tab in CCISD Connect is uniform across all campus sites.
The Food Services menu provides links for viewing the school lunch menus, filling out meal applications, and accessing your

The Transportation link lists various topics regarding bus routes, bus safety, bus registration, and student
The Home Access Center enables both students and parents to gain online access to grades, attendance and other information with regard to the student.

There are four different
ways to redirect to the
Home Access Center's
log-in screen.

In order to log-in to the HAC, one must first enter in their parent/guardian or student credentials.

Parents/guardians can set both email and mobile alerts for each of their enrolled students.
Parents/guardians may switch between students by utilizing the check box.
Users can view assignments on the calendar by clicking on the underlined text.
Users can utilize filters to further organize a student's calendar.
School Boundaries
To see where your home lies within CCISD School Boundaries, click on the
CCISD School Attendance Boundaries
A student's attendance calendar provides a key with color codes, to help identify different events.
Users can view Classwork assigned for each class, by clicking on the Classwork tab.
Users can view a student's schedule by clicking on the Schedule tab.
The HAC also provides users
with tabs to view Interim Progress Reports, Report Cards, and Test Scores.
Campus Tab
The Campus tab contains information pertinent to your campus, including a listing of faculty and staff.
The eSchoolPLUS
Family App contains similar features to the Home Access Center.
The Faculty & Staff link shows a listing of all faculty and staff at your campus. A search filter lets you narrow you selection by either staff or
Users can view Interim Progress Reports, Report Cards, and Test Scores using the
Family App.
Users can view Classwork, as well as their details.
Teacher pages can be accessed from the Faculty & Staff page or, Class page. Clicking on a teacher's name will send you to that teacher's page. Pertinent teacher information is listed on the teacher page such as:

Information about the teacher;
Teacher office hours;
Classroom announcements; and
Classroom assignments.
Students Tab
The Students tab provides pertinent information specific to a student. From here, a student can access links such as
Grades & More
Instructional Resources
Parents Tab
The Parents tab provides pertinent information specific to parents/guardians. From here, guardians can access links such as
Grades & More
CCISD Tutorials
Instructional Resources
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