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South Africa

No description

Tod Clark

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of South Africa

South Africa
By Joe and PJ Goverment Popular Culture Visit Traditional people Physical Geography countries
cabinda Location
Surrouded by the Atlantic and Indian ocean.
It is below north Africa. Land forms
Zimbabwa Climate
Marine West Coast
Humid subtropical Who are they?
The Zimbabwe people split in to 2 parts, the Mutapa and the Torwa, in the 1400's. High levels of education, which is often provided by mission schools, have also equiped many sheno people to take up professional careers. How ever, the rapid decline of Zimbabwe under the economics mismanagement and corruption of the mugabe rigime has made it very difficult for people to obtain not only luxuries such as petrol but also essential foods. What are they like?
They speak many languages like khoisan and khoikhoi they are called the rainbow nation because of it ethnic diversity Issues surviving in the modern world.....
Standing up for themselves. Goverment
Angola multiparty republic
Namibia multiparty republic
Botswana mulyiparty republic
Zimbabwe democracy
Zambia multiparty
Malawai multiparty democrat
Mozambique republic
Swaziland monarcy
Lesotho constitutional monarcy
Cabinda multiparty republic What is this country like today??
They have nice cloths.
They have houses. Joe
No beacause i dont want to leave my own country. I dont want to go because i have every thing i want right here in Kernersville N.C. I have my parents, friends, dogs, and my truck. I dont want to leave them for any amount of time. That is why i dont want to go to South Africa. PJ
I woulden't wont to go to because it have any good places to go and they have all them bad diseases also i got a bunch of friends hear to and i coulden't make that many friends over there.

Botswana flag
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