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Copy of RRVCA 401-e Business Recruitment version 2.0

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401(e) Home Energy Plan

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of RRVCA 401-e Business Recruitment version 2.0

401(e) is an initiative of Red River Valley Community Action.
RRVCA has been active in the home improvement field
for over three decades.
RRVCA has received a State Energy Program grant
from the North Dakota Department of Commerce to
launch 401(e).
What is 401(e)?
The 401(e) provides a convenient one-stop-shop for area homeowners interested in making energy efficient improvements to their homes.
401(e) is designed to make energy improvements easy and affordable
We provide participants with:
a certified energy analysis of their home
experienced contractors
low-interest financing
and rebates
... all in one place!
Make a difference in your employees' lives.
401(e) Step-by-Step
You can help to improve the
quality of living
for your employees and their families.
"I felt honored that my company thought that much of me, my surroundings, and my life."
Shirley Stokes is an


of UAMS Little Rock, AR, and benefited from a home energy loan through her employer.
By participating in 401(e) home energy plan, your company will show dedication to your employees, the community and the environment.
Thank you for your time !
Partnerships with employers are a key component to the design of 401(e).
By becoming a partner in the 401(e) Home Energy Plan, you can offer an innovative and valuable benefit to your employees.
401(e) is an investment in a family's
most valuable asset -
their home.
With 401(e), you can offer an innovative benefit
program to your
employees at a
minimal cost!
Unnecessarily high energy bills due to a lack of energy efficiencies cost the average homeowner several hundred
dollars per year.
We present 401(e) to your employees at the workplace.
Interested employees sign up for the program.
We coordinate the home energy assessment of their homes, the installation of home energy improvements and the quality assurance.
Employees take out a loan at partnering credit union, and have the option of paying it back with payroll deduction.
Based on 50% of Grand Forks homes, approximately 10,000 homes, with an average annual energy bill of $2,000 and a modest savings potential of 10%.
Get a step ahead of the game!
Estimates show that this waste costs Grand Forks residents up to two million dollars in unnecessary expenditures each year.
RRVCA works with Credit Unions to offer
low-interest loans for home energy improvements
to 401(e) participants.
RRVCA works with the employers
to offer 401(e) to their employees.
The employer offers 401(e) as an employee benefit,
allowing them to pay the loan back through
a payroll deduction.
RRVCA offers the program to employees
and performs the energy assessment
and home energy improvements work.
RRVCA and utilities offer rebates and
incentives to participants.
Credit Unions
Partnerships are the key to 401(e)
We make it easy!
Make a difference in your community!
Their home energy improvements will increase their comfort and health while reducing their utility bills.
5 to 9%
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