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Models & Designs

Quest for Better Cars

Courtney Johnson

on 20 April 2012

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Transcript of Models & Designs

Models & Designs Quest for Better cars Future Technology in Automobiles Turbine powered cars
Travel 150 mph
3 wheeled cars
Rear wheel holds engine
75 miles to the gallon Concept Cars Idea cars
Must show that you can produce these innovations at a reasonable cost
Fuel made of vegetable oil
Built in tire jacks
New body styles to create better gas mileage Henry Ford Founder of Ford Motor Company
Built one of the most successful cars ever built
Model T
Perfected mass production
Given credit for making cars common Ford's Mass Production Arranged people in lines
Used a conveyor to bring parts to the workers
Reduced time to build cars
Built the cars cheaper First Developments Oliver Evans- Created the first automatic factory
Interchangeable Parts- Using identical parts to fix different models
One Job- Each worker was only responsible for this specific job Rise of Robots Automation
Use of robots instead of workers
Imitate human actions
Always improving models
Robots can work as long as you choose
Eliminate risk of injuries to employees What Makes Things Move Force makes things move
4 Forces in the Universe
1. Gravity
2. Electromagnetism
3. Strong Nuclear
4. Weak Nuclear
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