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Perón's Facebook Profile

No description

Jan Carrillo Mañach

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Perón's Facebook Profile

Work Experience
Status Update
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Thank you all my people to elect me as the President of our beloved Argentina!

24th February 1946 at 23:39.
1946: 29th President of Argentina

1945-46: Minister of War and Vice-President of Argentina

1943-45: Secretary of Labour and Welfare

1939: Founding member of GOU
National Military College - graduated in 1913
Lives In / Born in
To protect my people the workers.
To defend my country and population over any other thing.
Casa Rosada, city of Buenos Aires.
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Juan Domingo Perón
Perón's profile after becoming President
Thank you all for the support during the campaign. We will see tomorrow what Argentina decides but I have hope!

Lobos, Buenos Aires.
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Unbelievable! Full of joy and happiness! Thank you,
Perón released after masses protest in Plaza de Mayo - NEWS (17th October 1945)
Buenos Aires - Peronist masses march over the city wearing a working outfit and stand in Plaza de Mayo, achieving their aim: Perón is now free.
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