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Dorothy Perkins SWOT Analysis

No description

katie Hughes

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Dorothy Perkins SWOT Analysis

Dorothy Perkins SWOT Analysis
Dorothy Perkins is one of the biggest retailers on the high street with nearly 600 UK stores and over 120 international outlets.
They provide unique, wearable and affordable fashion for women aged 25-35.
Dorothyperkins.com ships to over 110 countries and receives approximately 1.2 million customers a week.

British Heritage underpinning brand - almost 100 years industry experience.
Loyal customer base - Good reputation
'Something for everyone' - Provide affordable, up to date fashion to a broad range of tastes, sizes and lifestyles.
DP.com very user friendly.
Made the move into social media to interact with customers - Instagram 52k Facebook 1.2 million likes, Twitter 88k followers
Featured in publications such as LOOK, UKs number 1 fashion magazine.

Due to such wide range of stock, potentially lines could get lost in the mass, which could effect sales.
Stock that is featured in campaigns - Must ensure availability to maximise sales. eg. blush trench coat
Blog - Style HQ - Posts are not as consistent as they perhaps could be - Will generate more followers therefore more customers/sales
Social Media presence - Blogging and Youtube community - 2015 Style Heroes featured Becca Rose and Jessie Bush to name a few.
This will reach more customers and opens potential to reach a new younger customer (20-25)
A move on from the Style HQ blog could be to have an interactive instore magazine.
Trade Feedback - Between Merchandisers and stores to develop further understanding of what does and doesn't work in certain areas etc.
Possibility to move into new market sectors?
The main threats to a brand are its competitors, both existing and potentially new.
Essential to ensure we're offering not just the same, but better than our competitors.
Particularly relevant in the current market - 'want it now' attitude has become the norm - DPs offer Free Collect in Store, Next offer Free next day collect in store, New Look Free when you spend over £20
Dorothy Perkins is undoubtedly a strong brand, they collect the best of current trends and bring them to the mass market.
They have an accessible price point and great quality products which over the past 100 years has gained them a well earned reputation on the high street for having affordable feminine fashion and stylish signature prints for all occasions from basics, to workwear and partywear.
Their campaigns and marketing aim to give all women the confidence to look and feel good regardless of shape or size.
The Dorothy Perkins customer is at the heart of everything they do and they understand it is not just about selling clothes but the emotions that come with finding a new outfit that makes you look, and more importantly feel great.
Another risk to consider is, whilst it is exciting to move forward, you mustn't alienate existing customers while trying to gain new ones.
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