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Social media

No description

Keith Brennan

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Social media

Understanding the balance between...
what you make, do, and share, the services you use, and how you use them...
and who owns what you make, tracks what you do, and collects the data you generate...
We are going to look at two aspects of your online life...
...the tweets, post, blogs and resources you make and share, the services you use to make them, and what those services can do with them.
And your active digital fingerprint...
And this will begin to give us a picture of who owns what in your online life...
Where you go, what you do, what you make and create...
...the people you meet and the connections you make...
...and the media that lets you make those things, meet those people, and tracks what that means across your on and offline world.
Your social media use is a relationship between...
..is key to understanding your privacy, your rights, and your ownership of the things you create.
Your passive digital fingerprint...
...the bits and bytes of data your activites generate, and who might be collecting it
Your smartphone
Google, and it's suite of services
Google, what to be aware of:

what data is collected, how is it collected, what is done with it, who owns what you create, who has copyright,
Photos, video, and graphics
Things to be aware of
What you share is stored, used, and collated. Your profile, posts, your contactsm likes, photos and location data. Your timeline, and what it contains about you - your personal history, location, work and relationships.
What you like across the web is tracked. Pages that have like buttons are tracked, whether you press them or not. Other [people's information about you is used to profile you.Your ip address, your existence in other people's contacts. The emails and phonenumbers rel;ated to you in those address books that you may not have shared. The songs you listen to in certain apps. If you share your email adreess with a car dealer, and they upload to Facebook, you offline and online life collide.
"If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold."
posted by blue_beetle at 1:41 PM

Things to be aware of:
Who owns your accounts, your followers and your tweets?
Do you have copyright or ownership?
Who is archiving them and what might that mean?
Can they be deleted?
What data does twitter capture when I use it?
What rights do they claim over the data they capture?
We're going to focus on your digital fingerprint
Your digital fingerprint is the data you generate that identifies you online.

The data you choose to generate, and the data that gets generated that you might not know about.
Devices, services and software
That data is the chip in your phone, the configuration of your browser, the links you click, the contacts you make, the people you know, and the places you go.

Your devices, and your activities create your fingerprint.
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