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Great Depression of 1929 and The Grest Recession

Some of the major causes of the Grest Depression were such like the stock market crashing, World War I, overproduction. The Great Recession is caused and viewed by are housing crisis, Health Care Bill, the stimulus plan, and unemployment.

Micheal Pena

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Great Depression of 1929 and The Grest Recession

The Geat Depression car production down 65% from 1929
construction industry headed for extinction with 75% of work force unemployed rural income dropped further 60% The Great Recession
local motor dealerships closing and unemployment up 2007 lenders began to foreclosure on nearly 1.3 million properties a 79% increase over 2006. The top 5 investment banks reported $4.1 trillion in debt for fiscal year 2007 The Fix Up For The Recession and The Great Depression The Subprime Crisis-making loans that are in the riskest category of consumer loans and are typically sold in a separate market from prime loans.

Chrysler is filed for bankruptcy on April 20 2007 Other nations increased their traiffs on American made goods in retaliation and reducing international trade FDR. New Deal to make jobs and start back up the economy. World War II got The United Sates out of The Great Depression Haved already excuted 2 stimulus packages Why is it called The Great Recession instead of Depression?
It Scares people How is it that the Great Depresion was able to fix the economy faster than The Great Recession and we have all the techology now?
the world may never know
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