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Ice maiden\

No description

griffin knapp

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Ice maiden\

Ice maiden By: Griffin
Bennett When Was She Descoverd and Logan Where was the mummy found and how
old was she?

The Mummy was found on the top of Mount Ampato near Arequipa, Peru on September 8, 1995.
The mummy was believed to be 12-14 years old when she
died. What do we know about this
Mummys gender, religion,
and cause of death? We know our mummy (Juanita) was
a girl, and that she was part of
the Incan race. How did she die? The Inca people believed that
Juanita had the "perfect body"
so they sacrificed her to the Gods. They also believed that by climbing
high mountain peaks that you would
be closer to the gods. To be sacrificed Juanita dressed
up in her fanciest clothes and was
sent to the mountains and then
froze to death. What were the artifacts
found with Juanita, and
what did they reveal? She was found with bowls, pins, figurines made of gold,
silver, and a shell Scientist learned from the clothes that she was wearing
that she was probably from a noble family. When the ice maiden was
found she had a tattoo on
her left arm. Also when she
was dug out from the ice she
had a bunch of brown marks on
her skin caused by the ice over
hundreds of years. The tattoo on her left shoulder
was a Inca God. This told the
scientist that Juanita was
from the a Inca town. h What technology was used to study
our mummy?
CT scans, computers, x-rays and other medal stuff were used to study Juanita.

Archeologists have concluded that
she had some sort of impact to the
head weather it was from a club
or ice over the years they are not
sure. Experts that studied Juanita:

Botanists: check if there is any mold or fungus growing on the body

Radiologists: do all of the medical things on the body like cat scans and check for fractured or broken bones
Archaeologists: try to find artifacts that would find help them
find clues about what time period the mummy lived in.

Pathologists: try to find if the body has carried any diseases

Anthropologists: wonder why things happen, like why the ice maiden died
What questions remain unanswered?
Scientist still don't know weather
the blow to the head was caused
by ice or a club The End
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