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LN US Case Related

No description

Rubierose Astronomo

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of LN US Case Related

Meet the
Team Rubie is...
talkative when she is not quiet,
shy when she doesn't need to be aggressive,
dramatic when no one is looking, and
a party animal when she is at home. Cyrus Sualog and his blue super payong. Abby Garcia Gerald Gavero Kathy Quijano Rubie Astronomo Christian German KATHY is...
versatile, sweet and friendly.
Her presence would never go unnoticed.
She sings whenever she wants,
she dances where ever she is.
But despite being the daughter of a Judge and and a DAR UnderSecretary and a sister of a Doctor, she remains humble and easy to be with.
-Industrial Engineer (2001)
Emiko Yamamoto Scholar
-Lawyer (2006)
LL.M – University of Santo Thomas Graduate School – Meritus (2013)
LL.B. – Far Eastern University – Class Salutatorian (2005)
Far Eastern University – Institute of Law
La Salle College of Antipolo
-Lecturer/Practitioner/Notary Public
-Mahal of Lhulet
-Daddy of Thorny
-Family Driver ABBY is...
is a Closet nerd, Bookworm and a Movie Buff.
She is an Llb grad of the University of Nueva Caceres and ABDevCom grad at Ateneo de Naga University. And has worked as a paralegal in HSBC, Phil. Dealing Sys Holding Corp., an Associate at Syquia Law and TSR in ETelecare.

Abby says...
His boys, Lorenzo and Rocco, are her inspiration, motivation, and reward. GERALD is...
is a roadrunner. -end - IAN is...
dependable and reliable.
Not only does he concern
his life with minor details,
He also makes time to show
concern to his team and
the people he loves. Christian LN US
Case Related Jury Verdict Collection Medical Malpractice
Navigator Annotation BPM - Direct Feeds Team Ruchel
is a Mother of 2 girls
a graduate of FEU Law, Batch 2004
passed the 2004 Bar Examination
was called to active duty as military officer of the Philippine Navy Debbie Ng Tsai-Napolitano
is very young at age 35 :)
wears a sweet smile, with cute little eyes but a big heart
happily married to her ex-boyfriend Choc and a proud mother of Hannah
earned her Bachelor of Laws Degree from The Royal and Pontificial University of Santo Tomas
Admitted to the Philippine Bar in 2007
Legal editor for 6 years and counting... Coleen Cometa Coleen
is 100% Batangueña
daughter of retired college professors
have two younger sisters
loves to eat, hates to cook
likes to go places
took and passed a swimming course in college without learning how to swim
admitted to the Philippine Bar on 2007 Mabel Apilada Mabel
firstborn of Bisaya and Ilocano parents
proud and doting mother to Airam
Admitted to the Bar in 2006 Majo Biacora Gerald...
likes doing things fast but not in a hurry.
He enjoys doing it that way.

It's his nature.
He's a roadrunner.
He's a falcon. Ian...

He's a Christian, but not a saint.
He is tough, but a good friend.
He is a great companion,
but a rough adversary. Meet the
BPM Team Majo
Hello Kitty Fanatic
Die hard Thomasian
Online seller/buyer
Shy.Quiet.Timid. Meet the
Expert Witness
Team Erwin Labay Name: Erwin Labay
Nickname: Ping
Law School: FEU-IL

Surprising Fact About Me:
I was once mistaken as
Kempee De Leon by
"mamang taksi drayber". Biancarisse Banawa Bianca...
is an only child
a former member of GABRIELA-Youth
Most gorgeous and the sexiest among the group
Big fan of Britney Spears
Addicted to Cheese, Chocolates, and Coca-Cola
Loves to Sing, Sleep, Eat, and Dance
Earned her Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Pangasinan-Phinma Janus Remocaldo Engelbert Reolo Bert...
is the only thorn among the roses in the family...
He is a pure blooded Bicolano
and earned his Bachelor of Laws in Aquinas University of Legaspi
former professor, swimming instructor and a soccer coach
loves to swim, loves the outdoors, food enthusiast and a music lover Fanny Suello Fanny's nickname is fanfan.
She got her Llb degree from the University of Iloilo.

One surprising fact about her?
She drinks up Mountain Dew if she wants to stay up all night,
it serves as a caffeine substitute stimulant for her. Carren Evangelista Carren
graduated from MLQU with a Bachelor of Laws degree.

One thing she doesn't like the most?
Well.... SURPRISES! Rizalve Mirafuentes-Lorete
Nickname: Salve/Buboy
LawSchool: Aquinas University
Status: Happily married to Bernardo Cervantes Lorete Jr.
Soon to be Mom.

Surprising fact:
Salve can operate agricultural equipments such as tractors and threshers at the age of 8. Meet the
Jury Verdicts
Team Elenita Padilla Hello! I’m Elenita P. Padilla.
My motto is “Don’t worry. Be happy.”
Presently, I live with my mother in Las Piñas City.
My father’s province is in Bolinao, Pangasinan.
It’s a very beautiful place with many beaches.
My favorite cartoon character is Dory in Finding Nemo.
My favorite authors are Carol O’Connell, who writes crime fiction, and Frederick Forsyth, international intrigue. Marvyn Elveña Meet
our Supervisor... Ruchel Rapiz Expert Witness linking Jan Janus Bert Fanny Erwin Janus Cabahug Remocaldo
graduated from Misamis University at Ozamiz City
with a degree of Bachelor of Laws.
He is the youngest of 5.

His name is derived from the Roman two-faced God Janus,
the God of beginnings and transitions. Bianca BPM - Direct
Feeds Team Ruchel Coleen Debbie Mabel Edward Pascua Jan Abbago Jan is
fond of music
lover of sports Marvyn ...
Father of four (super-kulit) kids, (Bea, Jen, Meg & Rex) with partner, Kristine

Finished law at Saint Louis College and earned my journalism degree at the Lyceum of the Philippines

Sports aficionado (die-hard Boston follower of the Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and the Bruins), internet addict, gadget enthusiast. Jury Verdict Collection Ellen Marvyn Kathy Abby Ian Rubie Gerald Edward Majo Carren Salve Edward is...
loves to play the guitar
Graduated from Arellano University, School of Law
member of lex leonum fraternitas
former associate atty. at Demaree J.B. Raval & Associates;
founding partner, Verdillo PAscua Matira Dizon & Demandante Law Office

Surprising Fact:
Edward loves rock n' roll. Expert Witness Linking Cyrus Supervisor That is the
LN US Case
Related Team -end- MMN Annotations Team
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