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AP Syllabus 2013 14

Course description, expectations, materials you need and teacher information.

Becky Breitwieser

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of AP Syllabus 2013 14

Essays: There will be a minimum of 6 major essays (min. 750-1,500 words) and 15 micro-essays exercises assigned throughout the year. The micro-essays will serve as practice exercises modeled after the works, modes, and techniques that we study. The major essays will be a more developed and polished work incorporating these same techniques and modes.

Focus of essays will be on argument, rhetorical analysis and synthesis.
AP Language & Composition Syllabus 2013 14
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu
At its core this course is about becoming philosophers!

Philo - Love
Sophia - wisdom
Philosopher -
Lover of wisdom!
Teacher Information
Ms. Breitwieser
Phone: 623-932-7400 ext 14099
Email: bbreitwi@aguafria.org
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/mrsbeng/
Course: AP English Language and Composition
Class Schedule: Block 1: AP English 1A & 1B, Block 2: AP English 2A & 2B,
Block 3: Sophomore Honors English, Block 4: Prep
Room: D13
Office Hours: Afternoon: 3:30 – 4:30 or by appointment. I am available in the morning and after 4:30 by appointment.
Parents please do not phone during class hours 8:15 - 1:15. If there is an emergency during these hours call the office @ 623-932-7400 ext. 14099. You can reach me by email anytime - I check my email periodically throughout the day and will respond ASAP.

Day two of class you must have:
A three ring notebook - min. size 1 1/2"
Index tab dividers for notebook - 8 tabs
Pens - majority of writng in class and homework must be in pen.
College ruled notebook paper
5 different colored highlighters
1 package 3x5 index cards (to be handed in)
You must have all of the above items with you for every class period. You may store notebooks in the classroom.
Optional - recommended item:
Flash drive - this can be a great item to have to backup digital work in case you have internet or printing problems.

Think about what it means to be a philosopher.

Think about your summer assignments.

What do you think some of the expectations of this course will be?

Be "present" in class and ready to go deep.
Come to class prepared.
Use MLA for all of your papers and cite all of your sources - No plagiarism.
Avoid procrastination!
Show respect for yourself and others.
Check your student email, remind 101, Edmodo on a regular basis for messages, assignments etc.
Teacher Information
Course Expectations
A:100-90 D:69-60
B:89-80 F:59-Below

Grading Scale

The Journey
Class Description
Assignments included in grades;
Essays - out of class and in class
Edmodo assignments
Note: Essays are weighted at 45 % of the total grade.

Course Expectations

Rhetorical Analysis:
The historical background of rhetoric
and its relevance to today.
Judicial/Deliberative/Epideictic rhetoric
Rhetorical triangle
Jolliffe model
Why and how writers write.
The techniques writers use.
How to better understand content.
How to use rhetorical analysis to become better writers.

Examples of essays/papers you will analyze:
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards
Declaration of Independence
Common Sense by Thomas Paine
Speeches by Marc Anthony, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama and many others.
The Box Man by Barbara Asher
On World War II by Ernie Pyle
I Want a Wife by Judy Brady
Letter to my son by Lord Chesterfield
Lee and Grant a Study in Contrasts by Bruce Catton
A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Many others

Argument and Persuasion
Analyzing techniques
Identifying differences
Exploring claims, evidence and reasoning(making connections)
Writing argument:
Thesis - claim
Supporting evidence
Connections - Reasoning
Acknowledgment of the other side
The final statement
How the organization of an essay supports the writer's purpose:
Compare and contrast
Cause and effect
The world of tone:
Elements of tone
How to analyze tone
How to use tone
Demystifying the AP exam
Rhetorical Analysis
Multiple Choice

Logical Fallacies
Putting it all together:
You are now a member of the elite AP Society of Philosophers.
Congratulations on completing your journey!

Reading AP style:
Close reading - using the text
Annotating text
Finding the main idea
Reading with purpose
Rhetorical Analysis:
Why and how writers write.
The techniques they use.
How this helps us understand content.
How this helps us become better writers.
Rhetorical Analysis:
Why and how writers write.
The techniques they use.
How this helps us understand content.
How this helps us become better writers.

AP Language and Composition is a challenging class that will help better prepare your student for college and work. It is very important that students keep up with their work in this class, so anything you can do to facilitate this is appreciated.

Once you have reviewed this syllabus with your son or daughter please send me an email to bbreitwi@aguafria.org. In the subject line please write "AP" and your son or daughters first and last name. Let me know in the body of the email if you would like to be added to my contact list. I will send out emails periodically the year to keep you informed of important information.
Important Parent Informaton - Click in the box below
If you are absent:
1.Check on Edmodo for the day's notes and assignments.
2. Check with a classmate for notes and assignments
3. If there notes or assignments are unavailable or you have questions ask me for information and clarifications.
Note: It is YOUR responsibility to make up work, and find out about assignments and notes.
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