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Blood on the Dance Floor Prezi

No description

Nina B

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Blood on the Dance Floor Prezi

Blood on the Dance Floor
Dahvie Vanity
Jesus David Torres (Dahvie Vanity) was born December 5, 1984 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina but moved to Orlando, FL when he was 5 and was raised there.
Jayy Von Monroe
Jeremy Brian Griffis (Jayy Von Monroe) was born August 17, 1990 in Jacksonville, FL.
He met Dahvie in 2009 through their mutual friend Audie Dottie Doll- Face a.k.a Audrey Felther
Why them?
Blood on the Dance Floor
Left to right: Jayy Von Monroe, Dahvie Vanity
Find Your Way
I'm 'bout the love and the rage,
I believe in one race.
Different colors and different shades,
But I see the color gray.
We all bleed and breathe the same f**king way,
So why can't you keep your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say? -Dahvie
You can try to lock me up
You can put me in a cage
But this lion you see
Will never be tamed
'Cause I've been crazy since
I dropped out the ninth grade
With vacations to the looney bin
Before I was of age
I got beat the down running home
On the first day
Cops told me to wipe
That evil smile off my d*mn face
I laughed then 'cause I knew
This would be the last time I cave
And I never went back after that day -Jayy Von
-Who influenced them greatly?
Questions (continued)
-What kind of instrument do they use?
Blood on the Dance Floor
Some categorize Blood on the Dance Floor as a electronica, crunkcore band but personally they don't limit themselves to a genre because they combine them all.
They are similar to The Millionaires, BrokeNCYDE, Dot Dot Curve, etc.
"Bob Marley is one of my biggest influences. His perspective on life and using music as his weapon really inspired me on our [past] album "ALL THE RAGE!"" -Dahvie Vanity
-How did BOTDF get into the music field?
Dahvie Vanity started the band in 2007 with 2 past members on Myspace. The band went viral with their catchy explicit lyrics and unique look. Vanity then met Garret Ecstasy and he joined the band and held the place of screamer. In 2009, Ecstasy left and Dahvie met Jayy Von Monroe and recruited him as singer and screamer.
-Did they grow up playing/singing music?
As teenagers they grew up listening to music. Dahvie decided to start a career at age 15. Jayy came from a deeply religious family and took up modeling then joined the band at age 15.
-How long have they been performing as a career?
7 years
-Does BOTDF ever come to Missouri?
Yes they've been here plenty of times.
They use synthesizers, drums, guitars, basses, violins, and vocals.
-What subjects do they sing about?
They sing about a range of topics from bullying and family life to everyday struggles and government issues to love and relationships. They're better know for their earlier more explicit songs.
-Does BOTDF have any upcoming albums?
Yes, they're currently working on a new E.P and have released two songs from it- Poison Apple ft. Jeffree Star and We're Takin' Over ft. Deuce
We chose Blood on the Dance Floor because they're more different than many artists that are out now. They teach their fans that they should be themselves and be proud of who they are no matter what. Also, they tell their fans to have faith in all they make and that no dream is too big or small to accomplish in life.
An interview of Blood on the Dance Floor
What Does the name blood on the dance floor mean? some influences?
-The name was given to me by an old friend named Chris mongillo . It was taking dance music to a new direction/entirely new level. Our influences come from various cultures and ideas. We never really try to limit ourselves or be a single category. The music is unlimited you are untouchable. And you you become even more compelling as a mystery play.
What are you favorite bands?
-My favorite bands are Blink 182, The Cure and Crystal Castles.
In this album the "EPIC" were enough changes in comparison to there last album do we have the same with "ALL THE RAGE" ?
-Each album will be different.I know that "ALL THE RAGE" will represent multiple meanings rather than one. This new album is unique in that each song will hold a truth but not that is commonly thought. He has a deep meaning and value. I'm really excited to work and try new vocal arrangements of this album, and we have new keyboards in the mix so will be experimenting with new sounds and new styles of writing. Honestly we have involved into something new and different and I'm very excited to unleash it. Mark my words. will be the greatest yet and we will surpass the expectations of everyone. I'm putting my entire being including in my heart,soul, and every drop of blood on this one.
Over the next few tours, Brazil will be on the list?
-Brazil is the Number1 on our list for the tours ahead. I swear it will happen in 2011.
We heard rumors that the single "The Loving Dead" will have a music
video, right?
-To clarify the rumors about "The Loving Dead" rumors are true and we are recording video for Sexting and two other videos from the new album.
BOTDF many fans are also fans of Jeffree Star, after his recent
discussion with him there is more chances of you two being friends
-If someone went to your school an told your friends something you're
not really you'd be fine with that?!
And by the end of our interview, tell us what the SGTC means for the band.
-The SGTC is my FAMILY!!! And my family is everything!
other information we just asked Dahvie
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