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Agri-Techsan Prezi 14-15

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Transcript of Agri-Techsan Prezi 14-15

Academic Departments

Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics
Department of Agricultural Education and Communications
Department of Animal and Food Sciences
Department of Landscape Architecture
Department of Natural Resources Management
Department of Plant and Soil Science
How to Apply
Fall 2015
Required Materials
Apply Early!
Priority deadline March 1
Scholarship deadline February 1
SAT/ACT scores
High school transcript
Apply Texas application
$60 application fee/waiver
Assured Admissions
Admissions Review
Aren't Assured? Don't Worry!
We look at:
High school coursework
Honors or advanced placement
Extracurricular activities
Leadership experiences
Proposed field of study
Affiliation with Texas Tech (family, campus visits, etc.)
"First Generation"
Letters of Recommendations *
First Time Freshman
ACT Composite score. Writing not required
SAT sum of critical reading and math scores
We combine the highest sub scores from multiple testing dates on SAT
Super Scoring!
A Few Minutes Means $$$
Where to Apply:
When to Apply:
One application for ALL Texas Tech scholarships:
Deadline: February 1
Complete both Admissions and Scholarship applications
Best to select a major vs. undecided

The cultivation of animals, plant, fungi and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuels or other products used to sustain human life.
Texas Tech University
Academic College
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Minors & Certificates
Agribusiness Management
Agricultural Communication Studies
Teaching Certificate
Equine Certificate
Food Technology
Landscape Studies
Environmental Crop & Soil Science
Horticultural & Turfgrass Sciences
Plant Biotechnology
Natural Resources Management
Plus hundreds across campus!
Small class sizes:
Faculty Advising:
1,500 undergraduates
13:1 student to faculty ratio
Open door policy
You're not just a number!
$2.6 million given away last year
47% of students on scholarship
Deadline: February 1, 2015
Dr. Bill Bennett Student Success Center
Box 42123
Lubbock, TX 79409
T: 806.742.2808
Natural Resources?
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Materials or substances such as minerals, forests, water, and fertile land that occur in nature and can be used to sustain human life.
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