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Think Before You Drive

A look at what Bridgestone is doing to keep teens safe on the road.

Angela Patterson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Think Before You Drive

Think Before You Drive Teens Drive Smart Driver's Edge Car Care Academies tiresafety.com
Have you ever answered your cell phone while driving? Maybe you've reached down to turn the radio... or taken a quick look in the backseat? But it's these split second decisions that can affect the rest of your life. interactive site games and quizzes Parent/Teen contract free gas card teaches you how to get the most out of your car check fluid, tire tread and pressure, and more schedule one for your group or organization hands on training with veteran instructors learn defensive driving techniques travels across the country each spring/summer Safety Scholars video contest for 16-21 year olds online voting winners get a $5K scholarship winning videos syndicated into PSAs Martin Scoresafety how tires are constructed
how to maintain your tires
how to select replacements And our habits The under-20 age group had the highest proportion of distracted drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2008. At Bridgestone, we're working to make sure teens become educated, responsible drivers. Facebook/Twitter In 2008, more than 500,000 people were injured in crashes where one of the drivers reported being distracted. 5,870 people lost their lives that year in these crashes. are influencing our youngest, newest drivers.
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