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Car Fluids

Motor oil, Antifreeze, and Transmissions

Jake Donofrio

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Car Fluids

Car Fluids Mechanical Engineering Motor Oil Antifreeze Bibliography http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_chemical_formula_for_motor_oil Uses Protects metal pieces from friction
Maintains a constant temperature
Keeps out oxygen to prevent rusting This is what your motor does to metal when it wants motor oil. The Chemistry This is the Chemical Structure: C6H6O2 How To Make/Get Motor Oil G-Oil! Made From Cow Fat!!! 1Barrel of Fat
1 Barrel of G-oil Normal Oil Made From Crude Oil 3 Barrels of Crude Oil
1 Barrel of Motor Oil Lasts longer

Used in racecars Lasts Shorter

Used in Normal Cars Uses Cools engine when hot
Warms engine when cold Do you want these things happening to your car? No? Then use antifreeze! Chemistry CH3OH This is the Chemical Structure How to make Antifreeze Home-made! From a concentrate Ingredients

Water Ingredients
Empty gallon jug
Window Cleaner
Isopropyl rubbing alcohol Instructions 1 Fill the jug 2/3 with water.
2 Pour 3 cups of window cleaner
into the container.
3 Pour 3 cups of rubbing alcohol
into the jug.
4 Place the lid on the jug and
shake Instructions Add water as directed by the label Less money

Takes more time

More fun More money

Takes less time

Boooorrrrriiiinnnng Jake Donofrio http://www.thedailygreen.com/living-green/blogs/cars-transportation/aminal-motor-oil-g-oil-461108
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