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vegetation in arab world

No description

mohammed basheer

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of vegetation in arab world

Vegetation in Arab world
What is vegetation?
Vegetation represents the general health of plant life and the amount of ground cover provided by plants.
Vegetation in the Arab world includes forests, grass lands and oases. Forests are found in the Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, The Altas mountains and the Taurus mountains. Grass lands are found in the Central and Southern Sudan and are Called the Savanna. Oases are found all over the Arab regions.
Many Arab countries are principally made up of desert land except the savannah belt in the Sudan, and other areas that have a Mediterranean climate. The variety of flora depends on the amount, distribution and fluctuations in rainfall. In vast areas, rainfall is erratic, insufficient and less than l00 mm.
The Arabian Gulf is considered to be poor as far as plants are concerned. Natural vegetation in Arabian Gulf region have deep roots or thorn like small leaves, hence they endure aridity and overcome its impact.
However, some areas are suitable for rainfed agriculture. The wide variation in rainfall has resulted in diverse ecological habitats, ranging from barren deserts to moist habitats, including temperate forests in the North to tropical forests in the South as well as semi-arid and savannah habitats.
Perennial plants
Yearly plants
Bishop's weed
Arabian Gulf plants
where are forests and grass lands found in the arab world?
give examples for yearly plants
give examples for Perennial plants
what are the adaptations for the plants is dry reagions
what is the average rain fall in the arab world
Forests are found in the Sudan, Somalia, Yemen
Grass lands are found in the Central and Southern Sudan
1- shrubs
2- calotropis
2-Bishop's weed
have deep roots or thorn like small leaves
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