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Digital Journey

Afraid, reluctant but willing to try

Cleide Nascimento

on 24 July 2010

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Transcript of Digital Journey

Webtools4educators Learn about Web 2.0 Manage the blog Learn to use Posterous 40 hour job Write posts Digital
Journey Dani invited me
to start a writing project We shared ideas on Painless Writing Dani read my blog We met on Fridays to start the project We also used the webtools in class
We also produced material Drawings Videos We had a few more meetings on Fridays We talked over the phone We shared ideas online We talked over lunch I had no time to use the internet We finally had a
final draft for
the presentation
We filled out the form
for the 8th CTJ seminar We were accepted Recess from work I finally had time to work on my blogs I had little time to work on
the many activities proposed I panicked!!! A lot of information to handle Learn to use Blogger Comment on
my colleagues´ blogs Insert images Experiment with
the tools suggested I managed to graduate in the course
I made the final project But I kept going I finally had time to read people´s
blogs and comment on them We were pleased with the result
Although it´s been a crazy journey Have a nice trip you too We had a few more meetings on Fridays We worked on weekends I enjoyed the ride And I´m planning
to keep going Because now
I know the way She found out about
my interest in writing www.webtools4educators.pbworks.com/Rituals www.cleidenblogger.blogspot.com We were pleased with the process
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