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The Sacredness of the Cow

By: Ronnie, Casey, and Josh

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Transcript of The Sacredness of the Cow

The Sacredness of the Cow
By: Ronnie, Josh, and Casey Q1: Why were cows so important in ancient Indian society? A1: Cows contributed to the Indian society by providing meat, milk, butter, and clothing to the community. They also pulled farmer's plow's and transported people. Overtime, they grew into a religious devotion. Q2: How are cows protected in India today? A2: Hindu laws now forbid the eating of beef so that cows are assured not to be killed just for their meat. But they still provide milk and help farmers plow their fields. They continue to be protected, sacred animal. They believe to not hurt animals, or ahimsa. Q3: How are cows honored in India? A3:Hindus honor and celebrate the cow by draping embroidered material on their backs. Also by applying bells to their horns and wraping garland and flowers on their necks. Cow are treated well by being fed grains and fruit. Did You Know... Cows roam freely in India through-out the city and the country. It wouldn't be suprising if you found a cow drinking from the local fountain or eating from the market!! Did You Know... A popular Hindu God, Krishna, portryayed in stories as a cow herder. This made cows more important to the community . Hindus consider cows to be particularly sacred, and continue to be holy. Did You Know... Many non- Hindus think that Hindus worship cows, but that is wrong. They actually believe that all life is sacred and that the world should be non-violent toward all creatures. Ahimsa sign
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