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Langston Hughes Biography

Poject on Lansgton Hughes

Caleigh Lockard

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Langston Hughes Biography

Langston Hughes Basic Information Birthdate: Febuary 1st 1902 Deathdate: May 22nd 1967 Birthplace: Joplin, Missouri Family: Lived with his poor grandmother;had a mother and a father that he could not live with. Education: Attended high school in Cleveland Ohio. Attended college at Columbia University in New York City. Employment: Wrote collums for the African American Newspaper, The Chicago Defender. Accomplishments His poem the Weary Blues won first prize in the poetry section of the 1925 Oppertunityy Literacy Contest. Langston wrote a drama, Mulatto which became the longest running Broadway play written by an African American. Famous Works in Literature "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" "Life is Fine" " Mother to Son" "I, too, Sing America" Employment Wrote collums for the African American Newspaper, The Chicago Defender. Friends of Langston Hughes Charlotter Osgood Mason- Directed Hughes' writting career and influenced him to write the book, "Not without Laughter". Contributions Langston Hughes wrote about African American issues in creative ways by including the use of Blues and Jazz. Worked as a crewmen aboard the S.S Malone in 1923. A personal assistant to the scholar, Carter G. A bus boy in a hotel. As we now know him a famous poet. Vachel Lindsey- Let the world know about Langston and helped him publish one of his early pieces. Hobbies Not only did Langston Hughes write poems, he wrote Broadway plays too. Was awarded an Honorary Litt D. by Lincoln University. Howard University awarded Hughes an Honorary Decorate. The NNAC awarded Hughes the Springarn Medal for distinguished acheievements by an African American. In Langston's free time he really enjoyed reading! I guess that's why he decided to become a writer. Langston Hughes also enjoyed Engeineering. He actually went to college for it, rather than writing. Wrote about discrimination and racisim and eventually let the world know it was wrong. We are all equal! Hughes fought segragation in the armed forces by writting scripts and songs. Charlemea Hill Rollins- Worked as a librarian and sold many of Hughes bookes. They eventually grew a strong friendship. He was a specialist in the shperes of industrial production and agriculture while in the Soviet Union. Aruthor Koestler- Langston Hughes and him meet in the Soviet Union, and started a friendship.
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