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Sense Perception

No description

yasmine eid

on 18 June 2018

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Transcript of Sense Perception

To what extent can we trust our vision in order to gain knowledge about the world?
Human Sciences - Field of psychology
Natural Sciences - The logical explanation
Sense Perception
Sense Perception
Subsequent RLS's
Claim and Counterclaim
We cannot trust our sense perception as it misguides us and provides us with inaccurate information
Sense perception is the only ways human know to gain knowledge, be it shared or personal, from the world - fundamental way of knowing - "we have no direct access to the physical world other than through our senses" Beau Lotto

Gestalt's theory:
We make a best fit of images created by our eyes, added that we do so by perceiving the whole rather than little bits of the object we're looking at individually.

Beau Lotto's theory :
We have evolved a way of seeing the world that suits us best and we are very selective in the way we view the world. Context is everything, our minds often trick us into seeing things based on previous experiences.
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