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Absence Of Emily

No description

Jack Ritchie

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Absence Of Emily

Emily and her husband live next to her sister, Millicent. Yet Emily has not been seen for three weeks. Her husband Albert, claims she is visiting friends in San Francisco. On the other hand Millicent suspects fowl play against him.

The story takes place in a small town in Northern California. Emily's House is next door to Millicent's House. They are two big houses almost alike with a lot of land around it.
Major Themes & Big Ideas

Albert, the main character, is motivated by greed. He is determines to blackmail Millicent for money.


Millicent is jealous of Albert’s influence over Emily and is venerable to him because of it.


Albert manipulates Millicent for money. She uses her own manipulative techniques to attempt to fool Albert.

Major Characters
By Jack Ritchie
Absence Of Emily
Possible Thesis Statements
While both sisters are totally opposite from each other, Millicent’s controlling and influential character attempts to interfere in Emily’s marriage, while Emily goes away to improve it.

While it is tempting to lose weight without proper diet and exercise, "fad diets" are not a viable solution for the overweight and obese.

Our genes decipher the physical traits but the sustainability of those traits come from what we eat; that in turn depends upon what kind of diet can we afford.

While there are many cases which still remain unsolved, there are also innocent people who have been wrongly accused.
Possible Research Topic Ideas
Work Cited...
Ritchie, Jack. “The Absence of Emily”. Crime Story Collection. Essex: Penguin. 1999. Web. 14 Nov 2014.

Simms, Richard. "Jack Ritchie: An Appreciation and Bibliography" Tripod, 1. no date. Web. November 2014.
Dealing with Manipulative and controlling family member and how to spot them.

Rapid weight loss, more than 2 lbs per week, is not considered healthy.

How one's bank balance affects one's health?

How often does a killer typically know the victim? Or are most cases just randomized? Are there many cases where a person has been found guilty and later proven to have been innocent?
Emily is a submissive person that is insecure of herself in looks, she is overweight and short. She is not as wealthy as her sister Millicent and will most of the time do what other people want said Albert. The narrator describes her as "..rather short, and well-fat". (Ritchie 65)

Albert the narrator is one of the main characters of the story. He lives with his second wife Emily in a big house in a small town. His first wife died drowned in a boat accident. He could be easily motivated by greed. In regards to helping his sister-in-law, he says, "If she gave me some money- a large amount of money." (Ritchie 72)
Millicent is Emily's sister. She lives right next to Emily in a similar house. On the other hand Millicent is wealthier and the total opposite of Emily, she is different in looks and in character. Furthermore she is a manipulative person with her sister and tries to control Emily's life and her marriage with Albert she does not like him. Albert states in the story, "She wasn't at all pleased when I came and took Emily away from her influence". (Ritchie 65)
Jack Ritchie
Born in February 26, 1922, in Wisconsin under the name of John George Reitci, Jack was successfully known for his short story writings. In 1953, Jack sold his first work , "Always the Season". He had a movie released from one of his stories, "The Green Heart" which was adapted and became "A New Leaf". Jack also won many awards one which included the Edgar Award in 1981 for his short story of "The Absence of Emily". Before Jack had become a writer he had enlisted in the United States Army where he fought during World War II. In this time, he dedicated many hours to reading including mystery novels, which he enjoyed. He later meet his wife Rita Krohne,who was also a writer and gave him four children. Together they lived in Wisconsin until his death in April of 1983, where he died from a heart attack.
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