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Unit 3 project

No description

Katie Minton

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Unit 3 project

The Price of Beauty
by: Katie Minton Consumerism "A successful brand must have simple
but striking imagery and emotional resonance
with the public." -Harold Campaign for real beauty: Dove consumers wanted to
believe they were doing something good for women. Music fast paced up-beat "there they go your dreams are gone today" How do we fight back? Culture Jamming Talking back "if the saboteurs are media savvy...and if they embrace the
potential rhetorical force of sabotage, they destroy property in a way
sensational enough to warrant coverage" -Harold snapshots of rainforest wildlife trees being destoyed how land is used for profit death of native wildlife call to action Packaging "'Sold' also implies persuading people to have a particular
opinion or develop a new value system." -Nayar Risk Culture:
"Risk is a matter of perception, and our awareness
of risks is dependent upon how certain situations
are made visible to us." - Nayar Visuals of dead monkeys and an
increasingly obsolete environment
helps embody the risk of destroying trees to extract palm oil for consumer products. This "moral panic" uses emotional imaging to
elicit a response. Battling Rhetrickery Dove, or rather Unilever, managed to exercise
some rhetorical listening and responded to Greenpeace's video. "[Unilever] have agreed to support the call by Greenpeace for an immediate moratorium on deforestation of palm oil plantations."
-Greenpeace update on video Embodiment of risk and how quickly the
damage is spreading. The fast paced flashing of visuals illustrates how
quickly the problem is spreading, while these words
use textual language to reinforce the agency with
which we are asked to respond. VIDEO as a "package"
and how it constructs meaning. Constructs values and beliefs through illustrating how consumerism
in America effects the lives and cultures of other places. Meaning behind the video: take responsibility
for your actions and their consequences. Through call of action:
asks the audience to adopt
a lifestyle that is moral,
active and aware The Story THE END.
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