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Platform Games

No description

H Johnston

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Platform Games

Platform Games
Platform games are when you are running across a area trying to get to a certain point. You avoid or kill enemies and pick up objects which can help you get to the destination.
shoot em ups
shoot em ups are in first persons and usually have an army theme. In online you go around in a team with other players killing the other team getting points and trying to win the match. They do have a story mode but are more favored for the online mode
RPGs are when you have a vast open world to go around You are given quests and missions to do by the people of the world. They give you rewards if you complete it. Those rewards are things that are better gear for you and help you defeat harder enemies. They usually have a fantasies setting.
Joy pad
The joy pad has been used on most popular consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation it has 2 joysticks a D pad 4 buttons 2 triggers and 2 buttons.
Sports games
Sports games are based on a certain sports. One of them is fifa which is football. You play a certain team and verse another one. these games are usually hugely online. There is a mode where you get players in real life and make the ultimate team. You get coins from playing matches.
Game genre's and stuff by Gabriel Smyth
the joystick has been used since 1967. Its is usually used for simulation games like flying planes or helicopters
Mouse and keyboard
the mouse and keyborad are use for all PC games the arrow keys or WASD arrows used to go forward, backwards, left and right. Space is jump, the mouse is used to turn the player left click is attack and right is
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