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Congenital Aids

No description

Bakari Draper

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Congenital Aids

Bakari Draper What is Congenital Aids? Person was infected by HIV at birth. CONGENITAL AIDS What are some Symptoms of Congenital Aids? Some symptoms are lack of energy weight loss constant skin rashes fevers that come very often diarrhea that come and go What Population does Congenital Aids Effect? Children who have a caregiver infected with aids or HIV are most commonly affected. It is mostly common in third world countries such as Africa. Congenital aids is the result of the virus spreading to babies born to, or breastfed by mothers infected with the virus. What is the cause of Congenital Aids? Not all babies born to an infected mother will get it. Is the cause of Congenital Aids Genetic or Environmental? It is an environmental cause because it is transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact. Having multiple sex partners or having sex with someone already infected can cause this problem to occur. When is Congenital Aids commonly Diagnosed? The child is usually diagnosed when his/her immune system is severely damaged or other infections occur. Diagnosing a child with congenital aids is very difficult for the child. How is Congenital Aids commonly diagnosed? They have to do many tests on the child and take samples of blood. Today, there are many treatments but there are currently no cures for it. Doctors and parents monitor it very closely and doctors observe their immune systems for further information. How is Congenital Aids treated and who monitors it? It is not looking very good for the child unfortunately. What is the hope for a cure of congenital Aids in the future? Until scientists find a cure for aids, Congenital Aids cannot be cured, but there is research being done to find a cure for this horrific disease. Don't HAVE MULTIPLE SEX PARTNERS Get yourself and your partner tested for HIV/ Aids Is there any way to prevent Congenital Aids? There are many health centers for children with Congenital Aids Does the community support those affected by Congenital Aids by providing any groups or services? Clinics offer medicine and support. www.childrenhospital.com
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